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Summertime AC Malfunctions

Summertime AC Malfunctions

July 19, 2021

Common AC Problems in Norcross, GA

It’s very likely that your family relies on your air conditioning system to stay nice and cool on the hottest summertime days. Unfortunately, some of those hot summer days can wreak havoc on your air conditioning system’s components. There are many common AC malfunctions that homeowners experience during the hot summer months.

Refrigerant Leak

Your air conditioning system has a substance inside of it called refrigerant. This refrigerant works to remove heat from the inside of your home and carry it to your outdoor condenser unit. Over time, the copper lines and coils that the refrigerant runs through may develop pinhole leaks. This can cause the refrigerant to seep out.

When your refrigerant level gets too low, it’s unable to remove a large majority of heat from your home. You’ll notice that your air conditioning system is constantly running to try to keep up with temperature demands. If you suspect that your refrigerant is low, it’s essential to call a professional who will evaluate the problem and recharge the refrigerant for you.

Clogged Air Filter

Your air conditioning system has an air filter that works to remove unwanted pollutants and debris from the air inside of your home. As this filter works, the debris gets stuck inside of it and eventually clogs it up. It’s important for you to remember to replace the filter about once a month to prevent clogging from happening.

If your air filter is completely clogged, your air conditioning system has to work much harder to move air through the system. This restriction in airflow can also cause the evaporator coils in your air conditioning system to freeze up. Whenever you’re experiencing an air conditioner malfunction that is caused by a restriction, a dirty air filter is a likely culprit that you’ll want to assess.

Blocked Condenser Unit

Your air conditioning system has an outdoor unit that is responsible for dispersing the heat that was removed from the inside of your home. When you take a look at your condenser unit, you’ll see that it has a series of metal grates that allow air to flow through it. Whenever these grates get blocked by loose outside debris, it will restrict the airflow of a condenser unit.

In most cases, you’ll notice that your air conditioning unit is not cooling. This is simply due to the fact that the heat is unable to disperse itself outside your condenser unit. It’s essential to remove any loose debris that finds its way up against your condenser unit, so your air conditioning system doesn’t have to try and work harder and consume more energy.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

One summertime air conditioner malfunction that confuses a lot of homeowners is frozen evaporator coils. Inside your air conditioning system, there is an evaporator coil that houses a substance called refrigerant. As your air conditioning system works, the warm air from inside of your home goes over the evaporator coil and transfers its heat to the refrigerant.

When there is not enough airflow going over the evaporator coil, the refrigerant is unable to consume heat. This causes the coil to become frozen. Also, if the evaporator coil is dirty, it may be unable to transfer the heat through the debris into the refrigerant. This can also cause the evaporator coil to become overly cold and freeze.

To remedy this problem, you’ll need to identify the culprit and fix it first. For example, if you have a clogged air filter that is restricting airflow, you’ll need to replace the air filter. Once you fix the problem, you’ll need to give your system a couple of hours to defrost the evaporator coils before you turn it back on.

External Fan Damage

As you already know, your air conditioner’s condenser unit sits outside and is exposed to the elements. Inside of this unit, there is an external fan that works to move the fresh outdoor air through the condenser unit to disperse the heat that comes out of your home.

It’s not uncommon for loose debris to get stuck inside your condenser unit. When this happens, it may make its way into the fan housing and cause damage to the fan blades. When the fan blades become bent, they can cause even more damage to the fan casing and the interior of the condenser unit. If you’re dealing with a bent fan blade, it’s best to call in an air conditioning professional. They’ll fix the fan and fully evaluate any other damage that may have occurred.

Short Cycling

If you notice that your air conditioning system seems to be turning on and shutting off very quickly, it’s experiencing a malfunction known as short cycling. When this problem is left to persist, it can create damage to your entire air conditioning system. Short cycling can be caused by a number of different issues, including a clogged air filter and an electrical malfunction. It’s best to leave the repairs up to the professionals with this issue due to its complexity.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Your thermostat is one of the most important parts of your air conditioning system as it instructs the rest of the system components when they need to turn on and off. When your thermostat is reaching the end of its lifespan, it will start to malfunction. Thermostat malfunctions can cause many different issues with your air conditioning system

One of the most common malfunctions is in the form of incorrect temperature readings. Typically, the thermostat will read an inaccurate actual temperature. This malfunction is very easy to pick up on as the room won’t feel anywhere near the actual temperature that is displayed on your thermostat. Other signs of a faulty thermostat include no screen display, being unable to alter the screen settings, and your air conditioning system not turning on at all.

Clogged Drain

As your air conditioning system runs, it also dehumidifies the air inside of your home. The water that is removed out of the air is forced down the drain and into the drain pipe. Unfortunately, loose debris in your system and hard water buildup can cause a clog inside of the drain and the drain pipe. When this happens, you’ll notice water leaking around the indoor air conditioner unit.

You’ll need to remove the clog in order for water to flow back down the drain freely. To do this, you want to mix up a solution of water and bleach. Then, pour it down the drain to remove the stuck-on debris and hard water scaling.

Loose Fan

Some of the most steadily moving parts of your air conditioning system are the fans. They’re responsible for moving air throughout your system and your ductwork. When these fans start to become loose, you’ll hear screeching and squealing noises. When you hear these noises, it’s best to call in an AC professional to evaluate the specific issue that you’re having with your system.

Expert AC Repair

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