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Why Is Water Ionization Important?

Why Is Water Ionization Important?

July 14, 2022

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Have you ever heard a lot of discussion about ionization, free radicals, antioxidants, and conductivity in water but not understood what they all meant or why they were helpful for you? It’s not just you. So much information is available, and it may be challenging to make sense of it all. We are here to assist you in going through the data and getting to the point so you can make informed decisions.

Ionization is not just achievable with costly equipment, as many people assume. It is entirely feasible to change the molecular structure of water molecules by adding positive ions, charging them, and shrinking their size using the right kind of filter media in a water filter.

What Is Water Ionization?

The process of water ionization modifies the mineral makeup of tap water. You cannot ionize pure water. Water has to include certain dissolved mineral compounds to be ionized. Most dissolved mineral compounds in tap water are calcium and magnesium bicarbonates. These minerals’ high electrical conductivity makes it possible to ionize tap water. Alkaline and acidic ionized water are created simultaneously during the water ionization process. As a result, a water ionizer ionizes the mineral bicarbonates present in water rather than the water itself.

Benefits of Water Ionization

The Control of Cancer

The ability of ionizing water to prevent cancer is undoubtedly one of its most significant benefits. Oxygen radicals, byproducts of several crucial metabolic processes, significantly contribute to many physical tumors. These unstable chemicals known as radicals damage the body’s cells, producing disturbances that may lead to cancer.

Antioxidants, which an ionizer generates as hydrogen ions, may neutralize these free oxygen radicals despite their toxicity (OH-). Similar to beneficial antioxidants like vitamins A and C, these ions may join with oxygen radicals to produce a complete oxygen molecule, which the body can utilize effectively. Cancer is a condition that no one wants to deal with, so even if this isn’t a natural cure and merely lowers the risk, that alone should be a good enough cause to think about investing.

Cardiovascular Support

Over time, much research has shown a correlation between free radicals and worse cardiovascular health, demonstrating that they are not solely responsible for cancer. Instead, they are mainly connected to atherosclerosis, which happens when the inner vessel wall is harmed (typically by free radicals) and clogged with cholesterol.

This procedure often marks the beginning of a stroke or heart attack because a big enough atheroma may narrow the blood artery and restrict blood flow. Additionally, pieces of the atheroma may separate and get imprisoned in a vessel, which often results in a heart attack.

Alkaline ionized water can reduce these dangers by initially neutralizing free radicals, preventing them from damaging vessel cells, and initiating the development of atheroma. Intriguingly, it has also shown some encouraging outcomes in slowing the growth of an atheroma, making it less harmful even when it forms.

Proper Hydration

Water that is better at hydrating may be produced using water ionization. This can seem strange at first since drinking regular tap water is an excellent way to stay hydrated. However, the clusters of molecules in water disperse into smaller groups due to ionization. Compared to usual collections, which generally include 10–15 H20 molecules, this method generates a more significant number of clusters with only around 5 H20 molecules.

When there is less resistance, these tiny clusters can penetrate membranes more quickly and may thus be absorbed into cells with greater ease. In turn, this causes hydration to happen more rapidly and makes it possible to utilize water molecules to clean out our waste literally.

Advanced Digestion

Additionally, it has been shown that alkaline ionized water has an intriguing effect on digestion and is especially good for the colon. A crucial digestive system component is the colon, which must always be maintained as alkaline as possible. This not only works better but also lessens the risk of developing colon cancer.

It’s also critical to understand that consuming alkaline water does not significantly impair digestion in the stomach. Since enzymes, not the acid itself, carry out the bulk of digestion, your body could still readily break down the food even if the acid were to become somewhat weaker. However, it is usually advisable to delay drinking very alkaline water until 20 minutes after eating if you are eating meat, dairy, or gluten.

Permeable Skin

Using ionized water in your life has several significant health advantages. Ionized water has several advantages, but not all of them are only for serious medical diseases. For instance, it keeps skin looking young, fresh, and wrinkle-free.

It does this by neutralizing free radicals with the help of the hydrogen ions created during ionization. Fighting and neutralizing these radicals, which harm the skin and cause it to degrade over time and are the primary source of wrinkles, is crucial and is often accomplished by using endless facial exfoliators and moisturizers. In addition, ionized water applied to the face has also been connected to reduced painful spots and acne severity.

Fresh Taste

Some individuals like the taste of regular tap water, while others swear it has no flavor. Although not everyone will like it, soft, rigid, or bottled water are often the top choices among individuals. Alkaline ionized water does, however, provide a substitute with a somewhat distinct flavor that may entice those who like bottled water. Additionally, for those who consume bottled water consistently over time, it may result in savings.

Alkaline ionized water is said by many to be smoother to drink and feel more hydrating in the mouth, in addition to having a superior flavor. However, there isn’t any evidence to support this; therefore, it might be a placebo effect or an association with the smaller water molecule clusters in ionized water.

Outstanding Water Filtration

Ionizing almost accidentally provides excellent water filtering as well. It can successfully separate tap water pollutants like chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals (lead and mercury), VOCs, and pesticides from water because it charges molecules. So, while cleaner water is left behind, most beneficial minerals like magnesium, potassium, and even some calcium are primarily unaffected.

In Need Of Water Ionization Equipment?

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