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Suffering from High Cooling Bills? Here’s Why

Suffering from High Cooling Bills? Here’s Why

September 10, 2020

During the warm summer, you want to keep your home nice and cool. Yes, your energy costs will rise with more usage. However, a sudden spike in cooling costs could be a sign of trouble. Those very high bills are not typical for any home. Here are some reasons that can lead to an increase in your monthly cooling costs.

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters are an essential part of your cooling system. They keep your unit clean and block those airborne contaminants from entering your home. However, these filters can get clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris. As a result that, the flow of air will be restricted throughout your ductwork.

When there is less air flowing, your air conditioner will take longer to cool down your home. Those long cooling cycles lead to higher energy bills. You want to replace your air filters every three months. By replacing the air filters, you can lower the cooling system’s energy consumption by 15%.

Low Refrigerant

If your air conditioner has low refrigerant levels, then it can cause your system to short cycle. When it short cycles, the air conditioner turns on and off in short bursts. The unit never completes a full operational cycle. These issues are harmful to your cooling system. You will have excessive wear on the components and higher energy bills. A professional cooling technician will have to inspect your entire system. At Bardi Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, our technicians can check out your system and resolve your problem.

Failing Parts

The motor, compressor, and capacitor are vital parts of your air conditioning unit. When they start to wear, it can cause a reduction in the efficiency of your whole system. In turn, your energy bills will begin to feel the impact. Failing parts can result in reduced airflow, clicking noises, moisture leaks, and short cycling. All these signs can raise your energy bills. If you notice any of those issues, you need a professional HVAC technician to inspect your cooling system.

Thermostat Settings

For those who like to turn down the thermostat throughout the day, you are causing your energy bills to rise. You should resist the urge to adjust your thermostat to save some money. If you turn the thermostat 10 degrees higher than usual, you could save up to 10% on your bills. Energy Star offers a few recommendations for you to balance the energy efficiency and cooling costs in your home.

You will want to set it at 78 degrees during the day, and you should adjust the thermostat to 85 degrees when away from home. Energy Star also recommends that you turn the temperature to 82 degrees during the night. However, you don’t have to make drastic changes in your home’s temperature to save money. If you raise the thermostat by a few degrees, you are still saving money on your cooling costs.

Door and Window Leakage

If your home has air leakage from the doors and windows, it can impact how the air conditioner cools your home. Poorly sealed windows will allow the hot air to enter your indoor spaces. Your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool down the indoor temperature. These conditions can result in low efficiency for your cooling system.

A room that never cools down in the summer might have air leaks near the windows. You can schedule an air audit to see if there is leakage by your windows and doors. When you find these issues, you can have a professional fix them to save money on your monthly cooling bills.

Older Air Conditioner

In some cases, an older air conditioner is the source of rising energy bills. These older systems need to work harder to cool down your home, and you will see an increase in energy usage. An older cooling system will also have issues cooling down certain spots in your house. You might have to lower the thermostat, and that can increase your energy bills.

You should replace that old air conditioner. Some energy-efficient units can save you 20% to 40% on your cooling costs per year. If your cooling system is more than seven years old, then you might want to think about an upgrade for your home. Those older systems will start to break, and you could end up spending a lot of money on repairs.

Poor Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your air conditioner should never be ignored. It can be easy to forget about it. Life often gets in the way as you skip those annual maintenance visits. However, without regular maintenance, your air conditioner is not operating at a peak level. In addition to that, your system might have issues that need to be resolved. If you don’t fix them, it can lead to higher repair bills or system failure. When a major component fails in your system, you could notice a sudden increase in your monthly electric bills.

When you schedule a maintenance visit, the technician will come to your home and inspect your entire system. From filter changes to checks on the components, the services will give you some peace of mind that your system will keep you cool during the summer heat.

Lower Your Cooling Costs

When the temperatures start to rise, you need air conditioning in your home. You should not let those high energy costs get out of control. You can lower your monthly energy costs without compromising your comfort. You might want to install a programmable thermostat. Many of these models can help you save about $180 per year on home energy costs. Ceiling fans are also a great way to cool your home without turning down your thermostat.

If you want to see some significant savings, it might be time to upgrade your old cooling system to a modern air conditioner. Finally, solar shades and blackout curtains can help to prevent the sun from heating up your home. You will want to keep them closed during the hottest part of the day to help reduce those high cooling costs.

Let Us Help Reduce Your Cooling Costs

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