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Cha-Ching! Let’s Save Money!

Cha-Ching! Let’s Save Money!

October 13, 2009

Georgia Power ENERGY STAR®

Did you know that Metro Atlanta homeowners choosing some ENERGY STAR® products are eligible for customer rebates? Easy way to get quick cash back for home improvements you may already be doing! Potential for $1900 in total rebates –no small pocket change. For more information, go to www.georgiapower.com

Save Money with… Rebates Up To…
Thermostat conversion $100
Installation of R-6 or greater insulation blanket on Electric Water heater Only $50
Attic insulation improvements (in conjunction with air sealing) $200
Wall insulation improvements (conditioned space exterior walls) $550
Insulate floor & foundation wall to R-5 (foam) /R-13 in basement wall cavities (fiberglass acceptable) $450
Improve air sealing $250
Improve duct sealing $100

What’s Up with Ducts?

Surprising, but nearly 20% of the air that moves through your duct system may be lost due to leaks, holes, or poorly connected ducts. How does your home rate on this checklist?
  • High summer or winter utility bills?
  • Rooms difficultly to heat or cool?
  • Stuffy rooms that never feel comfortable?
  • Ductwork located in an attic, crawlspace, or garage?
  • You find tangled or kinked flexible ducts in your system?

If you checked any of these boxes, or testing airflow isn’t already a natural part of your normal HVAC system inspection, call Bardi Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for a free airflow assessment. (Just because air is flowing doesn’t mean it’s flowing at peak efficiency.) That’s why The Climate’s Always Right With Bardi Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.