Traditional Hot Water Heaters compared to Tankless Water Heaters

Both water heaters are good options, for different reasons. We recently helped a customer replace an older system in their home, which inspired our master plumber to make this comparison.

Hot water from a shower head“My water heater was possibly bad so I called for service. Chad was knowledgeable and gave me several options. I opted to have it replaced with a tankless heater, which was done quickly. He cleaned up the parts from the old heater and made sure the new one was working before leaving. I would definitely use Bardi for plumbing issues I have in the future.”

If you are thinking of replacing your current system, here are a few considerations:

Traditional Hot Water HeaterTankless Water Heater
Water StorageHeats and stores water in a large tank that refills as needed.Heats your water only at the time of use.
Size and SpaceLarge and can be expensive to transport.Compact and can be mounted on an internal or external wall in your home.
EfficiencyNotorious for energy consumption because the stored water in the tank needs continuous gas or electricity to heat the water.Very efficient because water is only heated as you need it. If you are looking for energy efficiency, tankless heaters are the way to go.
Usage & ConvenienceIf you’ve ever run out of hot water in the shower, then you likely have a traditional water heater. Remember waiting for the tank to fill?Provides continuous, or “never ending” hot water. If you require especially large amounts of water at a time, consider a higher-rated tankless water heater or purchase multiple units.
Overall CostStill the most common because they are less expensive to purchase, but their operating costs are higher.Cost a little more, but the savings add up over time when you consider lower energy bills and a longer lifespan.

Keep Money In Your Tank

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