Rules for Hiring Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors

When your heating and air conditioning system stops working, you need to fix it immediately. Before you do, it is important to remember the basic rules for hiring HVAC contractors. Although most contractors offer timely, professional service, some do not. Following the rules below can help you avoid the latter type of contractors:

Make Sure the Contractor is Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Contractors who are not licensed by the State Construction Industry Licensing are not allowed to perform HVAC work in Georgia. Contractors who lack bonding and insurance are not prepared to compensate you for property damage, personal injury, financial loss, or loss or property. Before you sign a contract, ask to see proof of a contractor’s licensure, bonding, and insurance.

Check the Contractor’s Record at the Better Business Bureau

A contractor’s record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can reveal important things about its customer service, particularly whether or not it resolves customer complaints. If a contractor’s record makes it appear controversial, choosing a contractor who experiences less drama is the safest move.

Ask for Several Customer References

The more references you speak with, the more you learn about how a contractor’s customers regard its services. Speaking with three or four references is the norm, but the best idea is to speak with seven or eight. When heating and air conditioning contractors refuse to provide extra references, it may be a sign that many of their customers feel ambivalent or dissatisfied with the service they received.
Assess the Contractor’s Financial Stability

A contractor who lacks financial stability could go out of business and leave your project unfinished. This is why you should run a credit check on a contractor before you sign a contract. This rule is especially important when the contractor will perform a long, involved project, such as a furnace and ductwork replacement.

Never Pay for Work Upfront

Heating and air conditioning contractors who request to be paid upfront usually have one of two problems: financial instability or poor workmanship. In the first case, you risk having your project put on hold while your money is used to finish the contractor’s previous project. In the second case, you can end up with poorly installed equipment, with no financial leverage to force the contractor to fix the problem.

Get Everything in Writing

Before the contractor begins work, be sure that every aspect of the project is agreed to in writing. For example, if the contractor agrees to finish the project by a certain date, make the agreement financially binding. You should also have the total cost for the project in writing. Getting everything in writing does not mean you distrust the contractor; it means that you are protecting yourself financially.

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