Replacing HVAC Systems: Plan Ahead for Your Home Air Installation

A homeowner has two choices when it comes to replacing their current cooling unit. An HVAC system can be installed under planned conditions or when you are left with no other choice. It is always better to be prepared for the expense because it allows you to make a decision effectively. Air conditioning failure leads to rushed decisions, overspending, and many other complications. Your cooling system loses efficiency after many years of use. The average recommendation for replacing an HVAC system is between ten to fifteen years. This figure is based on the assumption that the unit has been properly maintained throughout these years of use. Neglected maintenance reduces the life of your cooling unit. As Atlanta summer temperatures set in, the last thing you want to experience is a system replacement. You will gain more by evaluating your unit beforehand to make a well informed decision. This precautionary approach will allow you to plan on a spring or fall installation. Technicians are available during this time and you do not have the extra weight of hot, humid temperatures.

York Air Conditioning: Factors You Will Want to Initially Evaluate

When considering a York air conditioning replacement, there are many items to keep in mind. The goal should be to obtain better efficiency and increased comfort over what is being provided by your current system. Newer units offer additional comfort features as well as better energy ratings. Features include multiple stage compressors, fans with variable speeds, and better temperature controls. A planned replacement allows you to take advantage of these new features. It also saves you the cost of repairs and utility bills. You will receive the benefit of improved consistency along with energy reduction advantages.

Most home units combine heating and cooling because it is more cost effective. The condenser housing is installed outside for air conditioning operation. An air handler will be located inside to provide both types of air flow. The furnace contains the evaporator coil along with the blower fan for circulation. Heat pumps are the alternative option because they can provide both comforts through one unit. They are not recommended if outside temperatures enter the freezing range. Heating will not be sufficient requiring another method such as gas or electricity to make up for this drawback. The most common combination is an electric cooling unit and a gas furnace. Replacement could require purchasing both as well as other additions such as a more efficient air cleaner.

A larger York air conditioning system is not necessarily the answer for your inconsistent cooling problems. This is important to keep in mind as you are choosing your new system. The unit needs to be the right size for your home. Improper sizing leads to efficiency problems and often causes unnecessary energy consumption. The most important factors to evaluate when beginning this process are fuel type, overall efficiency, desired comfort, and the unique layout of your home. Bardi professional technicians can help you evaluate system needs when replacing an HVAC system. We will calculate the load needed to provide consistent comfort. Call us today to learn your options for a newer, more efficient home cooling system.


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