HVAC Service Agreements: Four Signs that You Need a New Agreement

HVAC contracts are an important source of revenue for HVAC companies. Instead of treating customers who have a service agreement fairly, some companies choose to exploit them in an attempt to earn more revenue. There are several signs that indicate unscrupulous agreements between HVAC companies and their customers, with the signs below being four of the more common red flags. When a service agreement exhibits one or more of the following signs, it is probably time to look for a new provider.

The Company Seldom Recommends Replacing Old Equipment

Because a replacement usually costs more than a repair, it might seem as if an unscrupulous HVAC company would recommend replacing equipment, not repairing it—though the exact opposite is often true. By continuously repairing an old furnace or air conditioning unit, a company can earn more money than it could through HVAC replacement. Because most homeowners would rather repair HVAC equipment than replace it, unscrupulous HVAC companies find it easy to take advantage of people in this regard.

Repairs Consistently Involve Replacing Multiple Components

When a furnace or air conditioner stops working, fixing it could require replacing more than one component. However, if every fix that your HVAC equipment receives involves replacing multiple components, you might be employing a bad HVAC company, not a bad HVAC system. Exaggerated repair needs are perhaps the most common sign of bad HVAC service agreements.

In Spite of Your Contract, You Never Receive Service after Hours

If your contract entitles you to service after business hours, but the company is always “booked” when you need a technician at night, then you are not receiving the full value of your contract. At many HVAC companies, after hour service rates are higher than standard service rates. There is no reason why a company should not desire to send a technician to fix your system’s problem once the sun is down. If you cannot get service after hours, it might be because the company never intended to render it.

Your Air Conditioner Consistently Needs New Refrigerant

Over time, refrigerant reservoirs and refrigerant lines can develop leaks. When this happens, the faulty component should be identified and replaced. Some companies simply keep refilling the reservoir and charging the customer. If your air conditioner’s refrigerant reservoir needs to be refilled every spring (or multiple times during the summer), a refrigerant leak is not your only problem, you also have a service provider taking your money without fulfilling their duties.

Do You Need a New Service Agreement?

Instead of providing service that strengthens customer relationships, some heating and cooling companies take advantage of people. At Bardi Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand how frustrating it can be to receive service from an untrustworthy HVAC company, which is why we provide affordable, honest service that places the customer first.

If you are not familiar with heating and air conditioning problems, or how to fix these issues, you need a heating and cooling company you can trust. For homeowners and business owners throughout Atlanta, Bardi is that company.


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