HVAC in Atlanta: What to Consider when Buying an AC System

Units providing heating and air to your home are typically referred to as HVAC systems. Knowing basic information about these units will help in both selection of a qualified Atlanta professional and determining what to do with your current unit. A time will come when you must decide between replacement and repair work. A cooling system is designed to provide a specific level of comfort within your home.

Split systems are the most common unit types of HVAC in Atlanta. This affordable option can handle area temperatures well. The condensing portion will be located outside your home, while the blower resides inside. Outside condenser components use refrigerant to supply cold air, and the blower circulates air at the set temperature range. The components are shared between the heating and cooling unit to provide maximum comfort all year long. Implementing split systems reduce the cost of installation and operation.

York Air Conditioning: Sizing and Cost Factors

Sizing must be accurate if you plan on installing a York air conditioning unit. Inaccurate size leads to inefficiency during operation. Their size is determined by the measured cooling capacity. Residential models may have a capacity as low as 1.5 tons or may be purchased up to 5.0 tons. Units with too low of a cooling capacity can run all day and still not efficiently cool your home. Systems running at a higher capacity than needed will use excess energy, leaving you with an exorbitant bill every month.

Contractors are your best source for obtaining the right sizing information. Square footage, window counts, insulation, ductwork, and many other factors are used by professionals to determine what size best meets the needs of your home. All factors are combined into an equation for a dependable value. It is easy to purchase the wrong system without the assistance of a qualified professional.

Residential design changes can affect York air conditioning performance after installation. Adding insulation may improve cooling, while installing more windows often causes an efficiency reduction. You should contact a professional before making these changes to ensure sizing will not be affected.

Pricing varies based on four main factors: size, efficiency, brand, and the current season. Larger capacity systems will be more expensive to purchase when installing HVAC in Atlanta. Every unit will have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, or SEER. This rating directly reflects the energy usage savings provided by a unit. Higher ratings increase the price of a system. Those with higher SEER values also cost less to operate in your home. Contractors suggest the purchase of an air conditioner with the highest possible rating in your price range.

Models offering advanced features have a large price tag as well. You can expect to pay more any time you make this type of purchase during peak usage times. Attempt to buy during off season months to save money.

Bardi professionals are available to assist in determining cooling unit size, and can make recommendations for achieving desired efficiency. Our technicians understand the intense need for a reliable and efficient system in an Atlanta home. A simple phone call can get you on the way to more cost effective cooling.


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