Forced air HVAC Systems and Older Homes: An Aesthetic Dilemma

While most people seem to care about the functionality of their central air conditioning system and not about the aesthetic affect that it has on their homes; if you own a historical home, you may be one of the few people who decide to forego the comfort of a forced air HVAC system in favor of preserving your home’s historical grandeur. However, if you’re tired of paying high electric bills from operating window units and fans, there are HVAC companies that specialize in implementing central conditioning air systems into older homes with sensitivity to how a system will interact with a home’s aesthetics.

If you own a home that was built before modern heating and cooling systems were invented, placing air registers on walls and running ductwork through closets and floors could diminish the aesthetic appeal of your home. But when you contact an HVAC company that specializes in homes that date back to the Antebellum period and before, you can expect to be presented with air conditioning solutions that will be invisible upon installation. For example, air registers can be presented in the form of historically accurate wall and ceiling medallions and a ductless ventilation system can be implemented. In fact, after implementing aesthetically sensitive HVAC solutions, many owners of older homes actually improve upon their homes’ appearance by getting rid of their window units.

Another advantage of implementing a forced air system in your older home is that you can better manage temperature control in relation to your home’s old doors and windows. Although aesthetically appealing, old doors and windows are typically the opposite of energy efficient. But installing an energy efficient air conditioning system can allow you to keep your home as cool as you desire without incurring higher electric bills due to older doors and windows.


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