Commercial HVAC Contractors: Tips for Hiring the Best

Hiring a contractor to repair, replace, or maintain your commercial AC system is an important decision. Without knowing what separates good contractors from bad ones, you risk hiring a contractor that performs poor work, overcharges, or even fails to finish jobs. To help you in your search for a commercial AC contractor, below are seven tips for hiring AC contractors that offer topnotch service:

Ask to See a Contractor’s HVAC License

In Georgia, HVAC contractors cannot operate legally unless they receive a HVAC license from the State Construction Industry Licensing Board. Most commercial contractors have a Class II Air Contractors License, which allows them to work on AC systems of unlimited size.

Ask for Proof of Bonding and Insurance

When contractors are bonded, they can compensate you for property theft, work not performed in accordance with the contract, and other losses that are not covered by insurance. When they are insured, you can be compensated for property damage or personal injury. When a contractor lacks bonding and/or insurance, it places you at risk for significant financial loss.

Choose a Contractor that has NATE Certified Technicians

The North American Technician Excellence (NATE) association certifies HVAC technicians that meet their stringent testing requirements for excellence demonstrated in a certain HVAC discipline. If you need AC work performed, look for technicians who are NATE certified in air conditioning.

Don’t Hire a Contractor that Places a Bid over the Phone

The only way a contractor can know what your system needs is to inspect it in person. Therefore, any bid that is made in the absence of an inspection can only be a guess. Some HVAC services make a bid over the phone in order to get the job, and then raise the price of the project as needed.

Choose a Contactor that has Experience with Buildings like Yours

Although commercial AC contractors that have a Class II Air Contractors License can work on AC systems of any size, it is best to hire a contractor that has experience with buildings like yours. Depending on their size, construction, and use, different buildings can have vastly different AC needs.

Check a Contractor’s Record at the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) won’t tell you everything you need to know about a contractor, but it will inform you of how a contractor responds to its customers. Contractors that fail to address customer complaints in a timely fashion often have this noted in their record. These contractors should be avoided.

Receive Bids from at Least Three Contractors

The best way to avoid being overcharged is to receive at least three bids. Although most contractors will offer a fair price, some will overcharge you if they perceive that your situation is urgent, or that you aren’t familiar with commercial HVAC work processes.

Do You Need a Reputable HVAC Contractor?

If you need a reputable HVAC contractor to repair, replace, or maintain your commercial AC system, Bardi Heating and Cooling is the answer. For over 25 years, we have served residential and commercial HVAC customers in the greater Atlanta area, providing the security and expertise that an HVAC company should. If your building is experiencing AC problems, speak with one of our NATE certified technicians today.


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