Basic Information Concerning HVAC Repair in Atlanta

HVAC repair in Atlanta is rarer than perceived by many individuals. A central unit can last up to twenty years before needing replacement. The length of operation all depends on the type of care given during use. Minimal repairs such as servicing are common for every model of a cooling system. If a reliable product is installed correctly, all other repairs are highly unlikely. Units running for over ten years may require a few major components to be replaced. This is not uncommon. While repairs are not common, there are a few types of repairs HVAC technicians see more often. Quite a few of them occur after many years of use. Atlanta residents do experience the need of a repair from time to time. This is mainly because the systems are subjected to high amounts of use for many months of the year.

What Are the Most Common Service Repairs?

Refrigerant leaks are caused by system aging or a functional problem. This repair must be completed. Leaks are harmful to the environment. They reduce operating efficiency, cooling power, and produce less comfort. Federal regulations monitor the use and disposal of refrigerants. Every unit has its own specifications for refilling this substance. Professionals have to ensure disposal of refrigerant is done properly. They are required to do so by law. A technician has the knowledge to ensure the leak is repaired to prevent any additional harm.

Controls or sensors tell the fans, blowers, and condenser to kick on when needed. They are typically the first part to go out on a central unit. These failures are an affordable repair. Fans sometimes quit functioning as well as the condenser. Part such as this drastically increase repair expenses. Non-operational fan motors are worth the replacement cost. Without this component, the unit will not run. Condenser failure is different. This part is one of the most expensive to replace. A system’s age and current efficiency will determine if this repair is even worth the time. In some cases, buying a new unit is the better solution.

Atlanta HVAC repair is complicated. There are many components operating together to cool and heat a home. A reputable contractor which performs quality service can be your system’s best friend. They are the only way to obtain repairs without spending too much or having to experience multiple repairs for the same problem. Contractors are not required to obtain a license in order to perform these services in Atlanta. Estimates, references, and research should be a top priority before ever hiring someone to work on the unit. Obtaining three or more bids is recommended. Check to see if the contractor is licensed. Verify the quality of their work with previous customers. Only choose a company you are certain is dependable. Discuss all repairs upfront. Disagreements in pricing should be handled before the repairs begin. Have the repairman point out additional repairs long before parts any of the work is done. These precautions will protect your wallet at the end of service.


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