Get an energy audit now so you can save money.

We all need to go to the doctor every once in a while. As a general rule, the longer it’s been since your last checkup, the more you probably need to go. So consider your home. Like your body, it’s a pretty complicated system of water flow, heating, cooling, and insulating. And it’s constantly under attack from nature, daily living, and, well, just time. But, unlike your body, the last time your home had a checkup was probably when you got it.

Now consider this. All the systems and features that help to keep your home running improve every year. A lot. So, the chances are, even if there’s nothing wrong with your home, there are lots of ways to make it better.

A home energy audit is a relatively inexpensive way to find out how to make your home more efficient and your family more comfortable. Considering that efficiency upgrades can save 5% to 30% on your energy bills, you could be a lot more comfortable. You may even qualify for a rebate from your utility company just for getting the audit.

What they’ll do.

Questions: Before they start, they’ll ask you about how you use your home, when you’re home throughout the day, how much you pay for utilities, and things like that. So it’ll be helpful to get some of your utility costs ready before they come.

Outside: They’ll check for any leaks or problems in walls, joints, and under your eaves. If there isn’t a nice, tight fit, you’re losing energy.

Attic: They’ll check for leaks in the roof, your attic trap door and anywhere electrical lines pass through walls. They’ll also check your insulation to make sure it’s covering the house frame evenly. If any insulation has fallen down, it’s not working.

Basement: They’ll check your furnace and water heater to see if they’re wasting energy. Furnaces lose efficiency as they get older, so it could cost you more to keep your old furnace than to replace it. Of course, sometimes a new filter is all you need.

Ductwork: They’ll make sure your ducts are in a row. And tightly connected. If there’s a gap big enough for a screwdriver, you’re losing money.

Leaks: They’ll check your home’s interior for leaks, often with a fan that sucks all the air out of the home in order to see where the leaks are coming in. They might even use an infrared camera to see the leaks.

When it’s all done, you’ll get a comprehensive home energy report that details which upgrades are right for you and where to stop your leaks. It’s that simple. Giving your home a checkup is good for your home, your budget, and your family’s comfort.

To find a good energy auditor, search online, call your utility company, or contact the experts at Bardi Heating, Cooling & Plumbing

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