Obtaining an Efficient Air Conditioning Unit: What to Look For

Choosing a new air unit for your home does not have to be painstaking if you look in the right place. Contractors can provide very solid advice on the best units for efficiency and reliability. Brand specialized retailers often have more information than a retailer that has multiple brands and models available. Start obtaining information through local retailers, contractors, and Internet research. Use the Internet to find out about available brands and their efficiency ratings. Typically there are two to three unit levels for a brand. Each level has a specific efficiency rating and the price rises as this increases. Sizing depends on the square footage or area that will be heated. It is very important to have a general idea of the unit size needed before shopping around. This will help when comparing the numerous brands and models out in the market. Once you have a general idea of what is needed, you can then began shopping and comparing the top rated brands. Obtaining an efficient air conditioning unit can be easy when you have the best information and resources.

Getting the Advice of Heating Contractors and Air Conditioning Specialists

Often times, the knowledge and help received by a retailer can be unreliable because the person at the counter may not be very knowledgeable about specific brands and features. If they have never dealt with the product themselves, you may find that the information received is even more confusing. An experienced contractor can reduce the confusion. Heating contractors and air specialists are knowledgeable about many products because installing and repairing them is their job. You can be certain they will provide the most beneficial information for this large home appliance purchase. In many cases, a contractor will have to estimate the cost of installing a new unit. The unit can be bought directly from a contractor or a retailer. Either way, a contractor can tell you the exact sizing requirements for your home. It will be much easier to compare brands and prices if this information is known.

Air conditioners are rated by BTUs. The exact capacity needed depends upon home size, number of windows, shaded areas outside the home, amount of insulation, and the extensiveness of air leaks. Contractors can take all this information into account and provide a more solid sizing recommendation. Incorrectly sized air conditioners consume excessive energy and result in higher monthly bills. Each unit has a defined energy efficiency rating. It is referred to as EER or SEER depending on the type of air conditioner. This information may be found on the included Energy Guide label or can be provided by the retailer. The higher this rating is, the more the unit will cost upfront. It will also continually save money through many years of use. You may not be able to purchase the most efficient model. Contractors and specialists recommend buying the most efficient model that fits your budget. Sizing and efficiency ratings should be the top concerns when seeking a new unit. By keeping these two factors as a priority, you can be certain an efficient unit will be installed and used in your home.


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