Atlanta Heating Repair: Common Furnace Fixes for Winter

Atlanta winters are mild, but there are still nights when you cannot get by without heating your home. To ensure that you do not get stuck with a cold bedroom, it is important to have an HVAC repair service inspect your furnace at the beginning of winter. If a problem is discovered, it can be fixed before you turn on your furnace and receive an unpleasant surprise—it will not produce warm air.

Five Common Residential Furnace Problems

Most residential furnaces last twenty to twenty-five years—a period of time in which it needs maintenance and occasional repairs for the problems below, among others:

 Leaky Ductwork

Over time, air ducts develop leaks that reduce the amount of air delivered to living spaces—a problem that some homeowners mistake for a dying furnace. Leaky ductwork seldom needs to be replaced; usually, it needs to be resealed, which a qualified technician can do with ease. In addition to experiencing better heating capacity, a home that has its ducts resealed often experiences reduced energy bills year round.

Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter can form a barricade that inhibits the flow of warm air. Because it lacks the ability to filter out particulate matter, it can also cause dust to fill the air. Replacing an old filter only takes a few minutes, and can be done by an Atlanta heating repair technician as a part of routine furnace maintenance.

Faulty Pump

Many furnaces have a pump that distributes condensation away from the heating components. If the pump stops working or becomes clogged, a fill sensor will shut down the furnace when the water reaches a certain level. In some instances, a faulty sensor and not a faulty pump is the problem, in which case the sensor must be replaced.

Broken Fan Belt

A furnace’s fan belt gradually becomes worn, and inspecting it is the only way to know if it needs replacement. Ideally, your furnace’s fan belt should be inspected biannually. If it displays cracks, fraying, or chipping, it should be replaced immediately. Otherwise, it could suddenly break and leave your home without forced air.

Extinguished Pilot Light

Pilot lights are typically extinguished by one of two things: a gust of air, or the accumulation of dirt and corrosion on the pilot assembly. Replacing the housing that protects the pilot light can solve the first problem. Thoroughly cleaning the pilot assembly can solve the second problem. Both fixes are fast and easy to perform.

Is Your Furnace Having Problems?

Now is the time of year when many homeowners discover their furnace has problems. If you fall into this group, make an appointment today with the Atlanta heating repair technicians at Bardi Heating and Air Conditioning. For over twenty years, Bardi has helped the greater Atlanta region stay warm in the winter by performing maintenance, repairs, and HVAC replacement on furnace systems.

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