Improve Your Energy Efficiency and Save with the Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program

Bardi is now an authorized provider of the Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program. To fulfill the requirements of this program, we have an employee on staff who holds a certification from the Building Performance Institute (BPI), a national standards and credentialing organization for residential energy efficiency. The program is simple and incredibly beneficial. Our BPI certified employee is authorized to perform a comprehensive assessment of your electrical appliances and devices to determine your current energy use and identify the energy-saving measures, improvements or equipment that will reduce your energy costs and consumption and improve your indoor air quality.

When you hire Bardi to perform repairs, retrofit work or upgrade your home’s total comfort systems in order to improve your home’s energy efficiency, you will be eligible for a number of rebates from Georgia Power. The amount of your total rebate is based on the energy savings your home actually achieves. There are two options available to improve your home’s energy efficiency and receive rebates. The whole home option will consider and assess your entire home and then identify and install improvements across your entire home. Individual improvements may also be made and are eligible for smaller rebates.

Bardi can reduce your total energy consumption and electrical use by 10-30%. We offer a range of products and services to improve your home’s efficiency and reduce your energy use, dependence and ultimately your costs. The more efficient Bardi is able to make your home, the more rebates you will receive. We offer and install energy efficient furnaces and air conditioners, as well as solar panels that can power your HVAC system as well as other appliances in your home. Home comfort systems and accessories also include smart, programmable digital thermostats and home zoning systems.

Our trained technicians can help you determine the components of your system that will benefit most from upgrades or replacement that will also reduce your energy consumption. Discover how your home can use less energy, reduce your costs and improve your total comfort. Contact us today to schedule a home assessment.

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