Air Conditioning Tips to Decrease Energy Consumption

As the humid summer heat takes its toll on Atlanta businesses and residents, it is important to know what you can do to keep energy use minimal without risking comfort. Air conditioning allows you to have a break from the intense temperatures and humidity you are subjected to daily. High energy bills typically follow this weather change leaving you paying more than desired. Unfortunately, you cannot boycott this occurrence by simply turning off your air. This is not only unwise but life threatening to anyone living in the Atlanta area. By following a few simple tips, you can keep energy bills as small as possible and still get the comfort needed each day. Consider these air conditioning tips as the need for cooled air becomes a necessity in your home or business.

Postponing the Need for HVAC Replacements

Many of the provided tips not only reduce energy usage but also increase the usage time period of a unit. HVAC replacements cannot be completely avoided, but they can be delayed with proper maintenance and initial installation strategies. The placement location is one of the first things to consider when initially installing a system. Units placed on the southern side of the building or in an area which receives extensive amounts of direct sunlight will have to work harder to cool effectively. You can reduce the workload on a unit by placing it in a shady non-southern location. Once installed, the unit needs to receive yearly maintenance. This process keeps all major components clean and functioning appropriately. Bardi professionals can perform this service at a minimal cost each year. Technicians are also able to provide additional assistance when installing a new unit.

Outside units should be free of leaves or other debris. Debris can get into the outdoor system causing internal components to function less efficiently. You can increase this protection by placing a cover over the system when it is not being used for an extended period of time such as the winter months. Filter neglect is a very common problem for system repairs or replacement. A clogged filter actually smothers the system causing it to work harder in attempt to meet set thermostat demands. Eventually, the additional workload will cause parts to wear down faster requiring more system repairs. Filters should be changed each month to ensure air is being transmitted efficiently.

Yearly service calls can lower energy use by twenty percent. They also improve safety, extend system life, and provide better air quality. HVAC replacements are recommended for systems older than ten years. These systems are not providing maximum efficiency as when first installed. Switching to a higher rated unit can cut costs by at least fifty percent. During AC operation, make certain all other ventilation fans are turned off. They can quickly pull cold air out and increase the amount of energy consumed. Establish a comfortable temperature, set the thermostat, and leave it there. Every few degrees lowered drastically increases monthly expenses. Our professionals are always available to help with an older system or replacements. If these tips do not help in decreasing expenses, we can make recommendations to resolve the problem.


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