As the heat rises in the Atlanta area, you must ensure your cooling unit is prepared to keep your home comfortable. Air systems can only provide sufficient temperature regulation if they are properly maintained. Scheduled maintenance prevents cooling systems from breaking when they are needed the most. It also keeps your energy costs low during peak usage.

Scheduled servicing involves cleaning and inspecting the unit to ensure all parts are in the best condition. If a part is not working appropriately, it can often be replaced before additional harm is caused. This greatly reduces the amount of money you must invest in your air system.

Keeping your air conditioner well maintained decreases energy expenses throughout the year and increases its length of operation. Poor maintenance might only allow you to receive optimal cooling for the first few years of use, whereas continued preventive care can ensure you receive effective cooling during the entire life of your system.

HVAC Replacement: Decrease the Workload Put on Your System

You can perform your own maintenance tasks to avoid HVAC replacement such as filter changes and keeping the outside unit clear of debris. Dirty filters reduce air quality in your home and allow particles to attach to system components. An air conditioner must work harder to achieve the set temperature when filters are neglected. This additional strain on the system causes parts to wear down and break faster. If you are not providing the right amount of care, you can expect to pay for avoidable part replacements or a full HVAC much sooner.

Your air conditioner may have disposable or permanent filters. Disposable filters should be changed every month when usage is high. Permanent filters are typically cleaned during the service visit. Cleaning can increase the time a unit is in operation before HVAC replacement is necessary.

Many service providers also recommend installing a thermostat that is energy star compliant. Programmable thermostats allow for optimized HVAC operation based on daily activities. Monitor the amount of light you let into your home to reduce cooling workload. Direct sunlight coming in through windows generates heat that can be prevented by the closing of drapes or blinds.

Placing awnings around the outside of your home is another way to keep sunlight from shining directly on the windows. Ceiling or box fans are helpful energy reduction items you can use to lessen the workload put on your air conditioner. A fan may be placed in a window to pull outside air on cooler days or ceiling fans may be turned on to enable airflow for increased comfort at a higher thermostat setting.

System maintenance is still the most effective way to minimize energy usage and preserve operational efficiency. Bardi offers preventive servicing for residential cooling systems throughout the Atlanta area. One phone call can ensure your system is ready for operation before outside temperatures become unbearable. View our servicing list online or call today to learn how we can improve the performance of one of your most important home appliances.

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