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Contracting Business Magazine

Contracting Business Magazine

by Alex Bardi

Atlanta-based Bardi Heating & Air Conditioning has been named one of Atlanta’s “Top 100 Workplaces” by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in an independent survey of employees. Some 166 companies competed for the honor in their size category.

What’s Bardi’s secret? President Alex Bardi offers five tips to help ensure employee satisfaction and the long-term success of a contracting team.

1. Give employees a voice. Bardi hosts an open forum quarterly, or monthly if needed, where all employees can address concerns.

2. Show employees a career path. Don’t just hire people to fill a position. Hire to fulfill their passions.

3. Job stability. The Bardi company plans ahead for both slow and peak seasons, to guarantee employees have job security.

4. Follow an ironclad customer satisfaction policy. Armed with the knowledge that clients are protected, no matter what, Bardi employees can generate business proactively and not worry about corporate backsliding or ne print.

5. Honesty as a core value. Employees are never put in a precarious situation to “get all they can” from customers.



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