Trimming Your Atlanta AC Bill

Atlanta summers bring the dread of high air conditioning bills to many residents. Cooling is vital on days where the heat nears or surpasses one hundred degrees. Humidity adds to this need making your cooling system essential. As the days warm up, you find each month’s bill rising by as much as a few hundred dollars. How do you reduce this cost without jeopardizing personal comfort? There are three main ways to trim Atlanta AC bills during this time of the year. They can be accomplished on your own or by an experienced technician. Making sure the right precautions are taken will decrease costs each month.

Start by performing a little home preparation. Inspect all windows within your home. Is air being let in through the seals or cracks around the window? Eliminate these energy consumers. Fill every noticed crack, apply caulking, and replace bad seals. Now look at the doors. Are the seals cracked and old? If so, replace them as well. Weather stripping is a great tool to alleviate air entry around doors. Insulation must be thick enough to prevent air from escaping through the roof or below the home. Small measures such as this can have drastic effects on your monthly bill.

A Little Professional Help Never Hurts

Spring maintenance is the next step. Professional servicing increases the efficiency of a cooling system. Large repairs are less likely when this service is utilized each year. A technician will clean all parts of the unit. They also check refrigerant levels, replace inoperable parts, and test the entire system for proper operation. Cleaning lowers the workload required for an air unit to function as promised. It also extends the length of usage received. Have a trustworthy technician come every spring before the need for cool air comes about.  An older system may still be inefficient with servicing. At this point, a technician will suggest installing a new cooling unit. Yes, the cost to do so can be staggering; however, the energy savings are worth it. A newer system does not have to run as often to maintain desired comfort. Models these days are highly productive. They can cut energy bills by as much as thirty percent each month. Qualified professionals work with them daily. Start with them for recommendations on unit size, energy ratings, and pricing. Internet sites are another great resource.

Unused electrical items which are left on increase heat within a home. This in turn causes the unit to run more often than necessary. Turn any item not in use off. Blinds or curtains block heat from afternoon sunlight. Keep them closed during the day to reduce unit workload. Close doors to unoccupied rooms. Regulate the temperature setting for the cooling system. Every degree increase over seventy-two creates a higher monthly Atlanta AC bill. Use fans to blow the cool air around. Most of these are very easy to accomplish. Even the service call is affordable. Within one month, you could see a much more reasonable electric bill. Why pay more if you do not have to? Start taking little measures today to ensure comfort without the cost.


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