Replace AC Unit: Do Not Let the Preliminary Cost Discourage Long Term Savings

Making the decision to replace your current cooling system is not always easy. The upfront expense of a new AC unit can be phenomenal to any individual. When you find it could cost a few thousand dollars to replace an AC unit, it is easy to look for a more affordable option such as a quick repair. If you only consider the cost incurred initially, you may be missing out on the big picture when it comes to the savings a newer system will provide. Start by evaluating the performance of your current cooling equipment. If it is over ten years old, continuing to have it repaired is not very realistic. A well maintained unit in the right climate conditions can operate for up to fifteen years; however, in most situations this length of operation is unreachable. Humidity, excessive heat, and other factors reduce the life of your cooling system.

HVAC Replacement Does Not Have to Be Overly Expensive

The United States government recommends HVAC replacement for any unit over ten years old. They make this suggestion due to the long term savings offered by higher rated systems. Compare the cost of a newer model against the amount of money which can be saved through increased efficiency. Are there rebates available to reduce the cost of a new system? Which brands are highly dependable and have a reputation for reliable energy efficiency? The answers to these questions will help you determine if replacement is the more cost effective choice. Bardi professionals can suggest brands which have been found to be effective. We can also discuss models requiring the least amount of repairs throughout their use. A system inspection may be utilized to determine the value of a currently utilized air conditioner.

What can you do to determine if an HVAC replacement should be performed? As stated above, any system over ten years old is consuming more energy to cool your home. Frequency of repairs is another factor to contemplate. How often does the current system have to be fixed and what is the average expense for required repairs? Components wear down over time and require more power to meet a set temperature. Eventually they break causing increased yearly repair expenses. Sometimes these occurrences become so frequent that it makes more sense financially to invest in a new air conditioner. ENERGY STAR provides an online yardstick tool for measuring energy use within your home. You can enter energy costs to determine where your home ranks on this yardstick.

You do not have to buy the most expensive and highest rated system to experience rewarding savings. As long as the system meets minimum efficiency standards, it will reduce operational costs. Budget often determines how high of a rating is chosen for a home or business. Important factors to keep in mind when you must replace an AC unit include sizing, climate, air flow, and outside positioning. Each determines whether or not you will receive the promised efficiency of a selected unit. Our professionals help both in selection and unit installation to provide the most optimal performance.


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