Industrial HVAC System: Prevent Particle Buildup by Having Your System Cleaned Every Year

IMG_1429A commercial HVAC system acts much like our own respiratory system. It takes in air, cleans it, and disperses it to where it is needed. These systems can be simple or complex. Air is taken in through return ducts, filtered, cooled or heated, and sent throughout the building by supply ducts. In manufacturing and other industrial type buildings, many particles can enter the air due to the products being made and chemicals used. Keeping your commercial HVAC system well-maintained allows all these particles to be stripped from the air and provides a healthy work environment for everyone.

Certain particles found in these facilities can be very harmful to a person’s health if breathed in regularly or in large amounts. In an efficient industrial HVAC system, these particles are collected in the filters and removed from the air. However, over time they can accumulate in the ductwork, fan, coils and other parts that have direct contact with the unfiltered air. Many factors determine how fast this build-up occurs and include ductwork size, air volume, size of the particles, and the amount of particles in the air.

The particle build-up affects many things including the cleanliness of the air. Energy costs can drastically increase due to the buildup and the system will lack the efficiency it once had. It is recommended that an industrial air conditioning service clean the coils, ducts, fans, casings, and all other major components at least once a year to remove buildup, repair faulty equipment, and keep the system running as efficiently as possible.

The type of maintenance performed on your system determines how much accumulation occurs on its parts. Missing, dirty, and improperly fitted filters are the main contributors to particle build-up in an HVAC system. Other contributors include a dirty environment, duct leakage, poor drainage, and air handler leaks. All of these items can be checked and corrected by a reliable industrial air conditioning service to prevent more costly repairs.


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