House Air Conditioners: Important Buying Guidelines

Smoldering Atlanta temperatures and humidity outside your house make it necessary for you to install the most effective cooling unit possible. Air conditioners do more than simply cool your home. They also remove moisture and harmful contaminants through proper ventilation. Highly efficient house air conditioners provide a safer environment as well as a comfortable internal temperature. Central air conditioning can be a life safer in warmer climates as well. These systems are designed to distribute cold air throughout a building or home. The condenser unit resides outside, housing the evaporator coil, refrigerant, and condenser coil. A forced air heater or a heat pump will be located inside your home. Both utilize the installed ductwork and temperature controls. Heat pumps handle both operations. They can be reversed to provide winter heat without having a separate heater. You first must choose what types of units are necessary for the space being cooled. After this decision has been made, you can then determine sizing requirements as well as the desired efficiency rating.

HVAC Replacement: Making Certain the Unit Fits Space Requirements

When sizing a unit for HVAC replacement or installation, it is essential to purchase one which matches the cooling area of your home. Too large of a system will consume more energy than is necessary. On the other hand, too small of a unit will have to work harder to keep your home cool. Improper sizing not only increases power costs but also makes the unit less efficient, Parts may wear down faster due to the increased workload on a smaller system. Energy efficiency is another very important consideration before purchasing a newer model. Buy a unit which meets your initial budget and an operational price range you can afford. Each model you view will have a SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. It can be located on the Energy Guide label of each system. Be sure the rating is thirteen or higher for the HVAC replacement to be worthwhile.

What other cost considerations affect the selection of a new unit for your home? Installation is a complicated task which truly requires the assistance of professionals. Before buying a new system, be sure to contact a Bardi professional. A technician needs to evaluate your home to determine if it is ready for installation. Typically installations are most feasible when a home is first being constructed or has a forced air system already in place. Having the heating system available allows for easy connection of the central air unit. It will also drastically reduce total installation costs. Usable ductwork provides an average installation cost between three and six thousand dollars. A bid is the best way to determine the overall cost. If ductwork must be replaced or the entire system needs to be installed, your cost will increase. This is important to know as you decide the best way to meet home cooling needs. Keep in mind that both the outdoor unit and in home evaporator need to be replaced to ensure promised efficiency. Our technicians are highly experienced and can help you during the decision making process and throughout installation of house air conditioners.


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