Cleaning and Protecting Your American Standard AC Unit

Dirty central air units can end up costing more each month. As time passes, they become clogged with debris, accumulate dirt, and have parts wear out. If these issues are ignored, your American Standard AC unit will work harder and end up using large amounts of energy to run. A common mistake made by homeowners is having the belief that a filter change is the only maintenance needed for their unit to continue running as well as the day they bought it. This may prove to be true during the first few years of operation, but will backfire later if nothing else is done to keep the unit protected and clean.

Basic cleaning and protection involves taking care of two main components regularly. These are the evaporator and condenser units. An air conditioning service that specializes in American Standard HVAC servicing will first turn off your entire central air cooling system. The evaporator is cleaned and scrubbed with a specific type of brush or cleaning solution. A tray located below the evaporator is also cleaned. Bleach or other chemicals are occasionally applied to the tray’s weep hole for growth prevention. All leaves, sticks, and trash need to be moved away from the outside unit. Fins are cleaned and straightened with a fin comb. Coils are then cleaned with a professional cleaner. After everything has air dried and looks good, the central air unit is closed up and is ready for use.

The main parts of your cooling system need to be cleaned one or two times a year by an air conditioning service for optimum performance. This maintains the energy efficiency of the unit and catches necessary repairs before they become expensive. A failing compressor or refrigerant leak can get expensive when left unnoticed for a long period of time. American Standard HVAC services can catch these issues during cleaning and save you money on repairs and utility bills.


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