Air Conditioning LTD: Buying the Perfect Unit for Your Home

No homeowner truly wants to have to purchase a new cooling unit. It is a very large expense most would rather avoid if possible. Unfortunately, the need for replacements does arise. Systems get older, lose efficiency, or quit operating altogether. The costs associated with this change are extensive, but also worth every penny. Many individuals do not realize the amount of energy consumed by an older, less efficient system. Parts become worn down and must work harder to provide consistent cooling. If your unit has been running for ten years or more without major energy consumption, consider yourself privileged, that is the average life of a cooling unit. Homeowners can look at unit replacement as an opportunity to improve their energy consumption.

Keep These Considerations in Mind When Shopping

The energy efficient ratio or EER is an efficiency measurement used by manufacturers to determine the proficiency of a particular unit. Energy consumption lowers as this number rises. British Thermal Units or BTU’s measure a system’s cooling capacity per hour. Higher numbers represent more power. Air conditioners can be window-based, portable, wall-mounted, or central systems. Living space is a big determinant on which size of air conditioner will work best. Climate, costs, and preferences also have their part in the decision process. A unit can offer both heating and cooling. Cooling-only systems generally cost less. Window or wall units are great for small apartments. These may be the only options available depending on the building. Central air is perfect for home cooling. It is more cost effective to install a central unit than multiple window or wall units.

Consider the size of your living area. This factor assists with finding the right sized unit as well as one with the correct BTU rating. A unit with ten thousand BTU or less is best suited for a smaller area. Larger homes require a higher BTU system. Buying a unit with the wrong BTU costs more money in the end. More energy will be required to manage cooling the area. Energy ratings begin between eleven and thirteen. As the unit size increases so does the EER rating. Lower rated systems use more energy. If you can afford a higher energy rated unit, additional money is saved. A unit that is too large can pose the same problem. It is very important to obtain a properly sized unit for your home.

Purchasing a home cooling system is a very important decision. Have a professional evaluate your living space for proper sizing recommendations. They can calculate the size needed. This information allows you to buy a unit which will provide optimum efficiency. Buying the wrong sized unit has many disappointments. It will cost more to keep your home cool. Money could be wasted both on the unit and in installation. A really bad decision could lead to buying another more suitable unit. Installation cost would have to be paid again. By obtaining the right information the first time, you can avoid many future problems. Get the advice of air conditioning LTD companies and do your research. You will be very glad you did!


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