Air Conditioner Frozen as an Ice Pop

Having an air conditioner frozen is not as fun as eating an ice pop, but just as common in the summer months. Let’s share a cautionary tale of our friends, The McConnells.

Shawn and Suzanne McConnell were new homeowners in the Lawrenceville area. Newly married, young and ambitious, they were about to spend the first summer in their new home.

It was mid-July and Suzanne had taken a week off work to unpack and get settled in. The temperatures were 100+ and the house was full of boxes and packing material. When Shawn went outside to deliver the broken-down boxes to the recycling bin, he noticed their air conditioner was covered with ice, looking similar to an igloo.

Upon further inspection he discovered that there was ice visible on the pipe running to the air conditioner. Not having any experience with this before, he pulled out his iPhone and started looking up HVAC service companies in Atlanta. When Tracy from our office answered the phone, Shawn said, “I need help…the air conditioner in my new house is frozen like an ice pop!”

She could hear the panic in his voice and walked him through a few steps to take before scheduling an appointment. Her advice was as follows:

1) Turn off the air conditioner at the thermostat. Allow time for it to defrost and check the air filters. Once it has defrosted, check the airflow. Clean or replace dirty filters or remove any visible obstructions. You would be surprised how often this is all that is needed.

2) Turn your fan ON. Let the fan run to restore airflow.

3) If those first two steps don’t correct the problem, call a service professional. A professional HVAC service technician has the expertise and equipment to perform a complete tuneup on your system. They will troubleshoot airflow restrictions and repair leaks or equipment damage on the spot.

Shawn was able to replace the air filter and fix it himself, which gave him a lot of homeowner confidence. We also gained a lifelong customer and have been servicing The McConnells for the past three years in their lovely home.

Beyond dirty air filters, refrigerant leaks are the top issue we see in our customer’s homes. Don’t just keep adding refrigerant to correct the problem. It’s expensive and leaving a leak over time can cause serious damage to your system.

Is YOUR ‘Air Conditioner Frozen’ Like Shawn’s?

This could happen to you this summer! If so, check our monthly air conditioning service specials for extra savings.

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