When you are looking for the best choice in air conditioning systems, sometimes money is not the only factor you must consider. Things such as efficiency and location also can affect what your final decision is. It is important to know where air conditioning systems are heading and what new features will be the standards. This will ensure that your system can service with no problem many years into the future and meets all of your heating and cooling needs.

Certain parts have been proven to be more efficient and help your system last longer. The first is a multi-speed compressor that allows your system to run on a lower level reducing the amount of energy required on milder days. The system can still run full speed on days that require maximum cooling. The second is the scroll compressor which creates less friction between parts reducing the wear on your system over time.

New systems are becoming available that also eliminate the use of Freon. This substance has been used for many years and is on its way out due to the negative effects it has on the environment. Companies are starting to provide systems that run on a replacement substance called R4-104 that does not deplete the ozone layer and is becoming the new standard. To ensure that your system is not outdated and can be serviced for a longer period of time, purchasing one that uses this new substance could be one of your best decisions.

Consider the capacity and what it will cost to have the system installed. The air conditioning contractor you are working with will determine what capacity you need to properly service your home. After that, you will need to decide which model works best for you. Don’t forget to consider the area you live in as well. Some systems are designed to work better in certain environments and handle things such as high humidity better.

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