What’s Included In A Furnace Tune Up?

Furnace inspections and tune ups are recommended in late summer or early fall before the cold weather arrives, and you’ll rely on your furnace to heat your home.

During a furnace inspection, a certified technician will inspect your furnace, your humidifier, as well as your indoor air quality and thermostat to ensure everything is programmed correctly.

There are two types of furnaces: gas and electric. Electric powered furnaces tend to be more compact and don’t have burners or a combustion chamber but instead have electric coils to heat the air and then a blower fan to distribute the warmed air.

When inspecting a gas furnace, the technician will:

  • Check the heat exchanger, or carbon monoxide barrier for cracks – cracks could lead to harmful gasses escaping into the air stream and into your home
  • Make sure burners ignition and flame are within tolerance
  • Check that the manifold gas pressure is within tolerance
  • Make sure the flame sensor is operating within range
  • Check that the pressure switch and tube operating is within specifications
  • Check the motor amperage to ensure it is within specifications
  • Check that wire connections are tight and the wires are insulated
  • Remove and clean the burners
  • When inspecting an electric furnace, the technician will:

  • Check fan and temperature range to make sure the fan is starting and stopping properly and the correct temperature is achieved
  • Check blower components including the blower wheel to make sure they are clean and clear of dirt
  • Lubricate the blower and motor
  • Check the heating elements to make sure they’re clean and working correctly
  • Check electrical connections, making sure wires are tight and insulated
  • Inspect the filter
  • Clean the exterior cabinet to remove dirt and buildup which can get into the unit and affect performance
  • To inspect your humidifier, the technician will:

  • Make sure wire connections are tight and wires are insulated
  • Check the voltage
  • Make sure the damper is in the correct seasonal position
  • Replace the water panel for the correct heating or cooling season
  • Make sure the drain line is unobstructed
  • During a furnace inspection, the technician will also inspect your ducts for leaks, make sure your UV light purification system is clean and functioning and will inspect your Fresh Air Exchange.

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