Filtered water doesn’t just taste better, it is better.

Your family uses tap water all day long for baths, showers, dishwashing, clothes washing, car washing, plumbing, teeth brushing, cooking and drinking. That’s a lot of water. It’s also a huge opportunity to do something really beneficial to protect your family’s health. A whole house water filtration system filters all the water in your home. Every tap, faucet and shower. So that wherever you get your water, it will be filtered before it comes out. What does it filter out? You’ll be surprised.


A lot of water utility companies use chlorine to treat drinking water and kill bacteria. Which is great. But chlorine also has an unpleasant smell and taste. Like pool water. A water filtration system can get rid of that taste and smell.

Sediment and Minerals

Filters can also remove sediment and minerals, which can also influence the taste of the water. Plus, minerals can also build up over time and clog up your pipes. Without chlorine, sediment or minerals, your tap water tastes more like bottled water.


Filtering your water is essential to keep harmful bacteria and parasites from getting into your drinking water. Many of these pathogens are resistant to chlorine, so water filtration is the only way to remove them so they won’t get to your family.


Lead can sometimes get into your water supply because of old plumbing pipes or from the solder used to link pipes together. As you know, lead is toxic, so it’s really important to remove it from drinking water.

Pesticides and Chemicals

Today, pesticide residue can get into drinking water because modern organic pesticides can dissolve easily in water. Filtration systems remove them.

So, as you can see, a whole house filtration system can make your water taste better and be better. It’s one of the simplest ways to make a big difference in your family’s health and happiness. And, considering how much water most families use in the Summertime, right now would be a really good time to get one.


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