Celebrate Bardi’s 25-Year Anniversary with a Silver Linings Sweepstakes

Join us to commemorate 25 years of keeping the climate right as we launch our Silver Linings Sweepstakes!

In honor of Bardi’s silver anniversary, we’re hosting a sweepstakes with monthly drawings to receive either a genuine silver dollar or 25 dollars in Bardi Bucks to apply toward any HVAC or plumbing services. Bardi Bucks never expire and there’s no purchase necessary to enter on the website.

“We owe our 25 years of success to our wonderful clients, incredible staff and dedicated service technicians. We’ve been able to grow this company in a steady, meaningful and organic way. We all look forward to sharing this celebration with our community ,” says President Alex Bardi. “And we’re excited to see what we’ll accomplish in the next 25 years as we continue to always, always, always do the right thing.”

We’re also hosting an internal “Bardi-Q” luncheon, catered by MGM Products, Inc., to celebrate the tremendous accomplishments in growing our company from the basement to the boardroom. We’ll have giveaways like koozies, gift certificates and Alex Bardi’s famous Bardi-Q-Rub recipe.

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