Bardi Mechanical Installs Large Chillers on Rooftops in Atlantic Station

On March 16, technicians from Bardi Mechanical, our commercial HVAC division, installed eight chillers on the rooftops of six multi-use buildings in Atlantic Station. The buildings include retail spaces, offices and residential units on the upper floors and the chillers will provide cooling and service the residential condos and apartments. The residential buildings are called The 17th Street Lofts and ATLofts. For two hours, helicopters hovering over the buildings lowered the massive chillers into place. Bardi Mechanical had to coordinate 4,000 tenants, the building owner, the management company, metro policy and the city of Atlanta.

Chillers are very large and heavy pieces of equipment that are used in air conditioning systems. They use water to cool and dehumidify the air by distributing chilled air to heat exchangers. The water actually produces cold air by absorbing heat. The water is circulated through the system and is re-chilled within the chiller in a continuous process. A by-product is heat that can be exhausted out of the system or reused.

The chillers were transported and delivered to each rooftop by helicopters. For resident and commuter safety, the buildings were evacuated and the surrounding streets were blocked off to prevent through traffic. Bardi Mechanical had to coordinate between 4,000 tenants, the building owner, management company, metro police and the city of Atlanta.

“Chillers are very large, bulky and heavy equipment that can weigh several tons. The chillers for this installation were flown to the building and delivered by helicopter, so the surrounding area was evacuated out of an abundance of caution,” said Ricke Jenkins, Commercial Sales Engineer. “Our team of technicians worked quickly and efficiently to install the chillers on each building. This season is a great time to have an air conditioning system inspected or installed because the temperatures are still cool and relatively mild, so most businesses and homes aren’t yet heavily relying on their air conditioners.”

If your building needs an air conditioning upgrade prior to the hot summer season, please contact Bardi Mechanical to schedule a commercial HVAC inspection. If you’re a homeowner in need of air conditioning services, please contact our Residential division at (770) 212-3963.

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