Are You And Your Furnace Ready For Winter?

Winter weather is coming to Atlanta. As storms sweep across the country, colder temperatures settle over our city. Before you blast heat in your home, consider scheduling a furnace inspection. Just like your car needs regular maintenance and tune-ups to run at optimal efficiency, your furnace needs special attention, too — preferably before the cold weather creeps in!

Regular furnace maintenance has plenty of benefits: improving efficiency, reducing your monthly heating bills, extending your unit’s lifespan, and ensuring that your holiday parties and cold winter nights remain warm and cozy.

Don’t let cold weather disaster strike in the middle of your family’s happy holiday gathering! You can’t control the temperature outside, but you can make sure your furnace is ready and fully-functional to combat those cold weather chills.

Schedule an annual inspection.

An inspection with a skilled technician will ensure that your furnace is in good working order. Our NATE-certified technicians can spot and repair problems before your furnace shuts down for good on a cold winter’s night. Tune-ups and regular maintenance can improve your unit’s efficiency, lower energy costs and lengthen the life of your furnace. It also increases safety: regular checkups can ensure that when your furnace kicks on, it won’t blow out hazardous and often lethal carbon monoxide gas into your home.

Change your furnace filters regularly.

First, make sure you’re installing the correct size filter for your unit. If you’re unsure, Bardi technicians are happy to help. Filters can quickly clog during the winter months when your furnace runs more. Clogged filters reduce efficiency, increasing your heating costs. During a season full of coughs and colds, changing your filter is especially important, since filters clogged with dust and allergens can also increase illness, allergies and respiratory distress.

Install a whole-home humidifier.

Cold winter air may leave you with dry, itchy skin and chapped lips, but did you know it can also make you feel colder? Increasing the humidity in your home can help improve the temperature so you do not have to run your furnace as frequently.

Don’t block vents.

Look around your home to make sure vents are not blocked by furniture, clothing or stuffed animals. Blocked vents may cause your furnace to work harder to heat the house, which can increase your home’s heating costs and reduce the overall lifespan of your unit. If you must block a vent, close the vent to force air through the ducts to another opening.

When hosting holiday parties, consider lowering the thermostat setting, especially if you’ll have lots of guests or if your oven will be on for an extended period of time. Avoid opening windows, and try using your ceiling fans in the reverse setting. This setting pushes rising hot air back down to a comfortable seating level.

Add peace of mind this holiday season and contact Bardi to schedule your annual furnace inspection or. Consider becoming a Friend of Bardi and joining our annual membership program: a furnace inspection is included, and we’ll visit your home again in the spring to ensure your air conditioning unit is ready to battle the Hot-lanta heat!

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