Michael B., Atlanta, GA

Last week when the fall weather struck and it was a little chilly I turned the heat on the house for the first time. To my disappointment the heat never got hot, so I knew I had a problem. With old man winter fast approaching I decided that it was time to call someone in to fix my heater.

First I called Sears who wanted $69 to come out. Fine, but Sears could not make it out for another week to check out my unit. Then at work one of my coworkers suggested Bardi Heating and Air. I gave Bardi a call and they were out that same day to look at my unit.

The first of Bardi’s staff to arrive was the HVAC tech Chad. Chad worked on my furnace for a good hour before telling me that the heating coils were shot and sadly I would need my furnace replaced since it was such an old unit and the coils were no longer manufactured due to government regulations and energy conservation bills. So Chad set up an appointment with Keith the sales guy to come out and sell me a new unit.

At 4pm that same day Keith arrived. Keith took his time looking over the unit inside the house and the outside unit as well. He took all the measurements needed, then sat down with me to go over a few questions used when determining what type of new unit was best for the customer. After this he showed me several units they had available. I ended up going with an efficiency heat pump that is suppose to dramatically reduce my power bill. The unit’s cost was around $5700, but after discounts it came out to be $4360 installed.

Yesterday morning I was expecting the installers to arrive around 8am, so I got up and got dressed and was headed to grab some coffee around 7am when I walked out to find Joseph about to knock on the door. He was there early and ready to get to work. A little while later Santos arrived with all the equipment needed to install the new heat pump and furnace. Joseph and Santos worked all day, finally finishing installing the unit around 5:30pm. They really worked their asses off; as not only to install the new unit, but also rewiring the house so that the unit would work properly.

I might be out of a lot of money, but I have heat now! I would highly recommend Bardi, they really know their stuff.


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