Your air conditioning system is responsible for more than half of the energy usage of your home. When you have an inefficient AC, you may notice a spike in your utility bills. Keeping your equipment in impeccable condition will also minimize hazards in your home. Here are simple steps to sustain your AC efficiency and boost your home’s comfort in Gwinnett county.

Insulate Your Home

If you let your AC overwork, it will get inefficient and age at a faster rate. A home without insulation will allow conditioned air from the interior to escape through the walls. While houses often have insulation after construction, it is not always sufficient to support your home’s energy efficiency.

Local jurisdictions across the US have different recommendations for the R-value of your insulation. The R number describes the rate of heat loss a material can allow. The higher the value, the better it is at insulating the building.

The Georgia energy code has a set of R-values for different climate zones within the state. For example, in Gwinnett County, the insulation for the exterior basement wall is R-5. The value will also vary depending on the part of the building in question. For the best results, you need to consult a professional before installing insulation to comply with local building codes.

Sometimes the insulation that local codes propose may not be sufficient to prevent energy losses in the building. Bardi Heating, Cooling & Plumbing technicians have the expertise to evaluate your Norcross home and offer accurate recommendations.

Seal Air Leaks

You can also improve the performance of your system and extend its lifespan by sealing air leaks within your home. Leakages allow external air to enter the building, forcing your AC to overwork. Even a small crack can cause the system to raise your utility bills significantly.

The main culprits for most leaks are spaces around the roof, doors, and windows. Bardi Heating, Cooling & Plumbing NATE-certified technicians can inspect your Norcross home to locate critical leaking air outlets.

The leak could also be within the system. Unfortunately, this can go undetected for years, especially if you do not schedule routine maintenance.

One sign of a leaking system is a high-pitched sound from your AC. Whistling sounds usually indicate obstructions or connection problems within the ducts. If you notice clicking or banging sounds, it means there may be other faulty components that need emergency repair. We also recommend having a tune-up at least twice a year for the AC to perform optimally.

Keep Your AC Clean

Another factor that can limit the performance of the AC is layers of dirt and debris found on the components. A clogged filter is one culprit that can block the flow of air and force your system to overwork.

Dirty components could also compromise your indoor air quality as airflow starts to push dust into your home. If the interior is often dusty, it could be a sign that your AC needs a repair, or you may have to opt for a replacement.

Dust on the evaporator coil is a typical issue that often limits the refrigerant’s capacity to regulate temperatures. Also, the evaporator tube is susceptible to corrosion if dust and chemicals are covering its exterior.

During the evaluation process, the technician may also unearth other issues that can impact your AC’s efficiency. Your technician can assess the function of the motor, fan blades, as well as refrigerant level. When carrying out maintenance tasks, our friendly staff can offer insights that can boost the performance of your HVAC system.

One of the issues that our technicians can address is moisture and contamination in the equipment. Our technicians have the tools to check for biological growth in hard-to-reach areas of your duct. The contamination can become a health risk to your home and family.

Bardi Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has a NATE-certified team that you can rely on for a flawless Norcross service. When working on your HVAC equipment, the technician should look at all the main components. If there is an indication of dirt on one part of the HVAC unit, dirt can get to other areas of your system as well.

Fine-tune Your thermostat

If your thermostat is off a few degrees, you usually will not be able to perceive the difference in temperature. But even a small deviation can increase your energy consumption by a considerable fraction.

Problems such as inconsistent heating may result from incorrect settings or a malfunctioning thermostat. You should make a point of fine-tuning your thermostat device from time to time. You can also ensure the device is accurate by keeping it away from sunlight and other sources of heat like lamps.

Do you have a programmable thermostat? If not, you might need to consider getting a smart device to boost convenience, comfort, and precision for your system. Thermostats today have Wi-Fi and voice control capabilities allowing you to adjust your settings remotely.

Smart devices can learn the patterns of people in your household and will adjust your air conditioner where necessary. A smart device takes away the chore of setting your system’s schedule every time you leave your home. Since it is easier to manage the settings, you can get significant savings by using a programmable device.

A smart thermostat can also generate reports of your system’s energy consumption. You can use the data to detect when there is a spike in your utility bills. If you detect a spike in energy consumption, consider consulting the Bardi Heating, Cooling & Plumbing team in Norcross.

Arrange for an Energy Audit

If you suspect your AC is underperforming, you can put your worries to rest by arranging for a home energy audit. The purpose of the process is to pinpoint factors in your home that may be causing system inefficiencies.

The Bardi Heating, Cooling & Plumbing team in Norcross uses advanced tools to unearth problems that are often hard to detect. Infrared cameras enable our technicians to determine hot and cold spots within your home. Our staff has the experience to assess the nature of your system, whether it is old or new.

Another reason you may want to consider an energy audit is if you recently had renovations in the building. Remodeling tasks can affect parts of your heating system, causing air leaks and changes in the ductwork. If there are deviations from the original design, they can cause problems in the future.

Additionally, an assessment of your home can help you determine if you need an upgrade. A certified professional can test parts of your HVAC equipment to establish if you are better off with a replacement. An aging system is not only expensive to repair, but it also poses a risk for your home.

You can rely on Bardi Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for dependable installation, maintenance, and repair services in Norcross. We are an A+ rated AC and plumbing company that also offers insulation, indoor air quality, and duct repair solutions. For more information on our services, call us today.

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