Nothing is more welcoming than a warm home on a cold day. With Bardi, you can be sure you are comfortable and cozy inside, even when the temperatures outside take a plunge. With responsive service and quick repairs, Bardi is here for all your heating needs.

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Gas Furnace Installation and Repair

A natural gas furnace offers even heat throughout your home, giving you exceptional comfort throughout the cold weather season. Reliable and clean burning, gas furnaces lessen the impact on the environment, giving off mostly water vapor and small amounts of carbon dioxide. Bardi gas heaters are energy efficient, thus cost efficient and come with additional advances like pilot-less ignition systems to make gas heaters safer and customizable. Give us a call if you’d like more information on installation or if your current furnace needs a repair. Trust the fully trained experts at Bardi to repair your furnace safely and effectively.


Heat Pump Installation and Repair

A heat pump is superior in many ways to other heat sources. For safety, cleanliness and economy, heat pumps are ahead of the pack. Heat pumps transfer warmth from outside air and circulate it through your home’s ventilation system. As the outside temperature stays above absolute zero, a pump works the same as if the temperature were 80° F. When the temperature gets too warm inside your home, the pump triggers a reverse valve that runs coolant the other way and pushes excess warmth outside. It’s a win-win. Remaining in use year round, heat pumps combine an efficient heating and cooling method into a single unit that costs less per hour than electric or gas furnaces. If your current heat pump needs repair, Bardi can evaluate, diagnose and make fixes quickly and cost efficiently.


Steam Humidification

The winter months can wreak havoc in many ways. Constantly running heating systems naturally remove moisture in the air. This dry air translates to static shock, dry, chapped skin and lips, scratchy throats, blocked nasal passages and even peeling furniture. Combat the dryness and infuse your indoor air with welcome humidity to remedy the adverse effects of the season. Bardi offers virtually maintenance-free, whole-house steam humidifiers that are far superior to portable units. Installed in just a few hours, a whole-house steam humidifier can be zoned to manage specific areas of your home.