There are several things to consider when selecting an air conditioning contractor for your home. There are several questions to ask: Can they show up when you need them? Are they bonded and insured? How important is safety to them? Are their service technicians certified? Can they offer customized solutions for my needs? Do they have relationships with lenders for financing? Are they environmentally conscious? Will they charge me for estimates? It’s best to have a questioning nature when it comes to selecting an Atlanta home air conditioning dealer.

First, and most important, does your air conditioning contractor have the kind of flexibility to do it your way? This speaks to a number of different factors. Are they a large enough operation to handle several projects at once? Are they locked into a single manufacturer, or can they draw from several different ones to find what you need? Will you be able to get service after the sale when you need it? Given all the different options available for air conditioning equipment, there is no reason to settle for just a handful of products from a single manufacturer. But in order to know which would offer the best solution for you, expert advice is needed.

A dealer that is large enough to have experience and relationships with a number of different brands will be able to help you here. A large dealer will also have the kind of workforce flexibility to be able to provide you with service when you need it. You will also want to deal with someone who won’t just forget about you after installing a new system; they should offer regular service after the sale.

Does your air conditioning dealer keep safety records and follow OSHA regulations? If they are concerned about the health and welfare of their employees, then it is more likely that they are concerned about your health and welfare as well. Every dealer should also be able to demonstrate to you that they are bonded and insured before a service technician ever steps foot on your property. All of their service technicians should also be NATE certified. This not only ensures a standard level of competency but indicates that procedures designed to protect the environment will be followed along with other health and safety practices.

Your Atlanta air conditioning dealer should earn your business. They should never, ever charge you to provide estimates for service or installation, and they should be well enough established to have relationships with lenders to provide easy financing for such a major purchase for your home.

The air conditioning dealer that you choose to work with will be happy to answer any and all questions that you may have. They have probably heard every question imaginable and will be ready to field any questions that come their way.

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