Plumbing Hacks from the Bardi Experts

Our plumbing experts at Bardi wanted to offer some plumbing hacks to you, our customers! Here are some great plumbing tricks you can use for some of those pesky little problems you encounter.

Dripping faucets? Try …

Wrap a string around the end of the faucet where the drip is occurring. Then, let the string hang into the sink. The water drops will slide down the string and eliminate the dripping noise that is making you crazy.

Smelly garbage disposal? Eliminate by …

Food can build up in the garbage disposal and eventually gives off some strong and smelly odors. To get rid of those nasty odors try dumping some leftover peels of oranges or lemons accompanied by cold water down the disposal and turning it on. It will help alleviate the smell and leave your kitchen smelly delightful.

Grease build up in dishwasher? Or does it smell?

By using a cup of distilled vinegar during a wash cycle can help break down grease build up and eliminate odors from the dishwasher. Simply place a cup of distilled vinegar in the top rack of the dishwasher and run for one cycle. If you aren’t a fan of the smell of vinegar, try adding some pleasant-smelling oils to the mix.

Toys down your toilet?

Kids do the darned-ness things! If you find a toy stuck in your toilet and clogging the drains, try using a wet/drop vacuum. DO NOT USE A REGULAR VACUUM, only a wet vacuum! Also, it’s smart to avoid using a plunger as it may push the toy further down the drain. This could require some extensive work from a certified plumber to fix.

These are simple fixes you can perform yourself, but leave the bigger jobs to the experts here at Bardi Plumbing. DIY plumbing does not always work out well!


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