How to Unclog a Toilet Like a Pro


It happens to the best of us: that moment of paralyzing panic when the toilet waters rise, along with their human contents. Don’t let an overflowing toilet continue to haunt your nightmares. Learn how to stop it in its tracks!

Our plumbing experts at Bardi know all the tricks to unclogging toilets, and we are happy to share them. Here is our guide on how to unclog a toilet like a pro.

  1. Stop the overflow.

The first order of business is to keep the water in the toilet bowl from overflowing onto the floor. To do this, take the lid off of the tank and close the toilet flapper valve. This will block water from flowing down into the bowl.

  1. Prepare your plunger.

When the overflow crisis has been averted, you can safely work on unclogging. Grab the nearest plunger and run some hot water over the rubber end. This will soften up the rubber and help it to seal onto the toilet bowl more easily. Place the rubber suction cup into the toilet bowl over the exit hole. Make sure the edges of the plunger seal onto the porcelain without any gaps.

  1. Start plunging.

Move the stick of your plunger up and down to suction the water and force it out of the exit hole. Don’t just push the water forward, move the stick upwards as well for the best suctioning effect.

  1. Flush the toilet.

Once your plunging efforts are successful, try giving the toilet a flush. If it flushes normally, it is successfully unclogged. If water starts to overflow again, reach into the tank and close the toilet flapper valve to cut it off.

  1. Repeat the cycle.

If your first round of plunging didn’t do the trick, don’t despair. Repeat the plunging process until the clog is gone. For a really stubborn clog, try adding hot water and dish detergent to the bowl. This will help break down whatever is blocking the pipes.

When to Call in the Experts

If you have plunged like crazy and your toilet is still not cooperating, there could be additional problems with your toilet. Sometimes kids’ toys dropped inside the toilet can get stuck and create an impenetrable block. Sometimes the water jets on the edges of the toilet are clogged and aren’t meeting their full flushing potential.

No matter what is causing your toilet to clog, a professional plumber will be able to identify the problem. If your best plunging efforts fail, don’t hesitate to call for help.

Did these steps help you figure out how to unclog a toilet?

We hope this guide keeps your toilet clear and your heart happy. If you have any questions about how to unclog a toilet, or you think your toilet might need professional assistance, give us a call at Bardi.

If you’re still wondering how to unclog a toilet then give the trusted experts at Bardi a call! We’re here for you 24/7 to address all your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. Schedule your appointment today by calling (770) 263-9300.


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