Hot Water Recirculation Pump Provides Instant Hot Showers and Saves Money


When it comes to plumbing services in Atlanta, Bardi Heating, Cooling and Plumbing recommends installing hot water recirculation pumps because this allows for instant hot showers so you won’t have to wait for hot water all while saving money!

“With a whole family with kids, mornings are always so busy, so it’s important that we don’t wait too long for hot water so we can get on with our day,” client Ann Backus reported when she called Bardi for plumbing services. With school starting soon and the entire family clamoring for bathroom and shower time, Ann decided it was time for a more efficient system.

A hot water recirculation pump provides instant hot water in the sink or shower, eliminating water waste caused by waiting for water to heat up. A hot water recirculation system cuts the time to get hot water to your shower or faucet down to zero by providing a continuous flow of hot water in the hot water supply line of your home. In contrast, homes without hot water recirculation systems waste gallons of water every day, because unused hot water in the supply line must be evacuated in order for hot water to reach the tap.

The recirculation pump circulates water back to the hot water storage so that it’s ready the moment you turn on the tap. The pump uses the main supply line, which eliminates the need to install a return line. A small circulation pump is installed on the outlet pipe of the hot water storage tank to ensure the water in your line stays hot. The valve at your tap provides the bypass that allows the water to recirculate using the already installed cold water pipeline as a return line to the hot water service. When the water temperature reaches 100.4 degrees F the valve will close to stop the circulation. Together the pump and valve provide instant hot water from every tap and shower in the home.

To save even more energy and money, Ann even has a timer on her pump to make the system even more efficient during low-demand periods like night and midday.

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