4 Common Causes for Clogged Drains

It’s a dreaded problem: you turn on the water only to find it’s not draining. You, my friend, have a clogged drain. There’s no getting around it, either—a clogged drain can be a nightmare. Luckily, the professionals at Bardi have been down that pipe before and know well the common causes for clogged drains. Bardi has been dependably serving the greater Atlanta area since 1989, and over the years, we’ve come up with some DIY tips and tricks to get the water flowing again. Today, we’re going to share a few of them with you.

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter whose hair it is—yours, mine, the dog’s—it’s gross, especially when it’s down the bathtub drain. Your instinct will be to flood your drain with something like Draino. Don’t. Chemical products like these can wreak havoc on your pipes. Instead, employ the snake method. For about $6.00, a plastic drain snake will make quick work of most hair-clogged drains. Slowly insert the snake down the drain, guiding it passed the bends and curves, twist it a few times, and then slowly pull the snake from the drain. Voila!

Fats, grease, and oils.

We all know not to do it, but most of us do it anyway—at least occasionally. Rather than scraping dirty dishes into the trash, we wash the fats, oils, and grease right down the drain to save time. As these substances cool in the pipes, they solidify, resulting in a nasty clog. Again, rather than using caustic chemicals, the best solution will be to pour ½ cup of baking soda and then 1 cup of white vinegar down the drain. Allow the baking soda and vinegar to sit for three to five minutes. At five minutes, follow the baking soda and vinegar with a pot of boiling water, and then flush the drain well with water from the faucet.

The non-discretionary toilet.

It may say “flushable”, but the only thing you should be flushing down the toilet is toilet paper. Adult wipes are becoming more and more popular—with many brands claiming to be flushable. The problem is, they’re not. Other paper products such as tampons, cotton-tipped swabs, and paper towels should also not be flushed down the toilet. If you find yourself with a clogged toilet, the first line of defense is going to be your handy plunger.

Coffee Grounds Down.

I’m talking to all the French press users. With the growing popularity of the Keurig, there’s only one type of coffee drinker who still sends grounds down the drain: the French press lover. Hey, they do make a great cup of joe. Unfortunately, coffee grounds can clog your drain. Coffee grounds should be thrown away, but if you find yourself with a coffee related clog, the vinegar and baking soda method mentioned in the above tip is your best bet for success.

While these DIY tips should resolve most clogged drain issues, they are far from comprehensive. However, the professionals at Bardi are ready to step in should you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed or discover the problem to be more in-depth. Call Bardi at (770) 263-9300, email us at, or chat with a representative in the chat box to schedule service today!


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