Improve Indoor Air Quality and Reduce Allergies This Spring with Our Selection of Products

Spring is in the air in Atlanta, which means dander, dust, pollen, and other allergens are, too. Improve your indoor air quality at home with a variety of devices and add-ons that work with your existing furnace, air conditioner and ventilation system to reduce bacteria, viruses and allergens to produce cleaner, purified air.

Kick start your spring cleaning by cleaning the air in your home! We’re currently offering significant discounts to you to find and install the best air quality remedies to suit your homes and families.

Purchase one remedy and receive a 15% discount. Select two remedies and receive 20% off the total price. Pick three or more remedies and get 25% off your total. Our skilled technicians will install these systems in your home and share with you how they work and how to maintain them.

Each indoor air quality remedy is simple to use and easy to maintain. These components reduce bacteria and viruses in the air, reduce mold spores or mildew, control odors, reduce pet dander and produce cleaner air so you’ll suffer less from allergy symptoms, asthma or respiratory illness. Our selection includes:

  1. The Lennox PureAir™ system that combines media filter and UV germicidal light all in one
  2. Whole house steam humidifiers to reduce dry, damaging air during the cold winter months
  3. Whole house dehumidifiers to reduce moisture, “sticky” air and mold or mildew growth during hot, humid summers
  4. Germicidal UV lights eliminate bacteria, viruses and more within your HVAC system before they can travel through your ducts
  5. Whole house air filters clean the air in your entire home allowing purified air to pass through your vents
  6. Plasma ion systems thoroughly purify the air and are an exceptional option if you have severe asthma or a weaker immune system. Our plasma ion option does not produce the harmful ozone toxins that other purification systems produce.

These indoor air quality remedies work with your existing furnace, air conditioner and ventilation system to stop allergens at the source before they’re distributed through your ducts and before you breathe them in.

Breathe easy and comfortably in your home with one or more of these indoor air quality improvements. Contact us today to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment with a technician to determine which remedy is best for you. Don’t forget, we provide free electronics pick-up and recycling on all our service calls, which benefits Nobis Works, a foundation that supports people with disabilities seeking to join the workforce.

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