Why NATE Certified Heating Companies Are Georgia’s Cream of the Crop

When you hear “cream of the crop” in the same sentence as Atlanta heating and air experts, what comes to mind? Contrary to popular belief, choosing NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified heating companies does not mean paying astronomical rates for a fancy or irrelevant title. NATE certified technicians save you money by ensuring a job well done, every time. The best way to avoid HVAC contracting nightmares that end up costing you a pretty penny in the long run is to select heating companies that insist on hiring properly educated employees.

NATE is Your New Best Friend

Unlike broad certification tests, NATE testing represents a real working knowledge of specialized HVAC services. There are several areas of testing that allow technicians to become bona fide experts, along with different levels of achievement for each one. How does this relate to your home or business? You probably would not call a mechanic whose specialty is transmissions, if your car needs cosmetic collision body work. When heating companies claim to know the ins and outs of an indoor climate system, it does not necessarily mean they are equipped to handle your unique maintenance, repair, or replacement needs.

Meet KATE, She Calls The Shots around Here

For every type of NATE certification, technicians are provided a KATE (Knowledge Area of Technician Expertise) outline. KATE guidelines are in place to simplify the certification process for HVAC technicians, by dividing each type of test based on the realistic service, experience, and skill level of the tester. Before any technician can proceed with certification, core exams are given to analyze his or her strengths and weaknesses. General, construction, and specialized skills are tested to determine which area of service suits the technician best. Although it might seem tedious, the main objective of this multi-faceted process is to guarantee the technician you hire for your home or business is legitimately qualified to tackle any challenge your furnace or air conditioning unit presents to them.

Choosing To Ignore NATE and KATE

You may be wondering why most Atlanta heating and air providers choose not to hire NATE certified technicians, if they are everything they claim to be. The answer is simple: NATE certification is not a requirement of the HVAC trade. It is an elective opportunity to prove each technician’s value to heating companies. A considerable amount of time, dedication, and commitment is expected from technicians, in addition to testing fees. Providers who choose to ignore NATE certification are not denying the level of expertise that validates the title; they are simply unwilling to compensate certified technicians with the wages they rightfully deserve. As a result, unprofessional, uneducated, and less than qualified service workers are sent to homes and businesses throughout Georgia every day.

Bardi Insists on Hiring NATE Certified Technicians

Heating companies like Bardi are unwilling to settle for less than the absolute best technicians when it comes to providing service to loyal customers. As the leading Atlanta heating and air specialists, Bardi takes pride in knowing that every time you pick up the phone with furnace or cooling issues, we are capable of sending an expert who is fully qualified to service your unit. By demanding NATE certification from each and every one of our employees, we are one of the only providers capable of standing behind our work with the most comprehensive guarantees in the industry. That is what we call priceless reassurance for your home or business, and absolute peace of mind in the long run.


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