What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?

What size air conditioner you need is dictated by the space you are cooling. If you are considering a new air conditioner, you will need a professional to perform an HVAC load calculation to determine how big your cooling system needs to be. A reputable service technician will always perform an HVAC load calculation before recommending and installing a new system for your home.

Size Matters

If your system is too large for your space, it will heat and cool quickly and then turn off quickly. This on-and-off behavior strains the equipment and can cause uncomfortable temperature shifts in your home. Without enough time to circulate the air properly, damaging humidity can build up. Likewise, systems that have continuous operation will have a shorter life span. You want a system that fits just right, so you can save money on reduced energy bills and have peak performance from your equipment over the longest possible lifespan.

BTU’S Explained

HVAC systems are sized according to the amount of heating or cooling they produce. A single BTU (British Thermal Unit) represents the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of water by one degree. The output capacity of heating and cooling systems are measured in thousands of BTUs. Because it takes 12,000 BTUs per hour to freeze one ton of water over a 24-hour period, cooling systems typically use the term “ton” to describe the system’s output. Generally speaking, a ton of cooling is needed for a 1,000 square-foot space.

Consider This

When a load calculation is performed, a technician will take the square footage of a home, it’s design, materials, construction, position to the sun and level of insulation into consideration. A technician will also consider the number of people living in the home and their lifestyles to complete a professional load calculation.

Get Just the Size Air Conditioner You Need

Don’t waste time and money on something that doesn’t fit! Our experience and expertise will help you calculate the ideal size for your new HVAC system. We will perform a complete load calculation and educate you on the best options for your home.

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