HVAC Services Prepare Your Unit for Increased Seasonal Workloads

An HVAC system requires the proper amount of maintenance to remain as an efficient piece of equipment in your home. Professional services are recommended prior to unit usage to deliver the utmost proficiency. While changing filters, cleaning drains, and general maintenance is fairly straightforward, numerous other tasks are required at specific intervals for various components. HVAC service is recommended because it helps to identify problems before the time of need. It allows small repairs to be remedied before they turn into an unmanageable expense. Several servicing tasks are performed during a routine visit to ensure your unit is free of accumulated dirt, has optimally running parts, and operates appropriately throughout the seasons. ENERGY STAR also offers many recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of your HVAC system including contractor provided maintenance inspections. A dependable company can check all components in the spring or fall, when HVAC operation is not critical.


Atlanta Heating and Air: What Maintenance Tasks Are Part of a Service Call?

Atlanta heating and air professionals may perform an examination on all system components or a single portion such as cooling operations. You have the option to acquire a yearly system evaluation or have a technician check individual portions in correlation to the particular time of the year. For example, a visit may only entail a cooling operation in the spring before Atlanta heat and humidity kicks in. A complete system check can entail the evaluation of thermostat operation, wiring conditions, part lubrication, drain cleaning, verification of control performance, and general cleaning. The cooling portion may also require blower or refrigerant adjustments, with coil portion being a top inspection priority. Furnace services vary based on the type of unit you use in your home and the problems you are experiencing. Gas furnaces require the pressure to be looked over, combustion inspection, and certain components to be thoroughly examined. The heat exchanger should be checked during the inspection, regardless of the warming source. Belt adjustments, part cleaning, and lubrication are additional common tasks carried out by Atlanta heating and air technicians.

While you can attempt to perform these items on your own, it is safer to have someone experienced complete detailed maintenance processes. Atlanta is an area with subtropical climates, meaning the summers are hot and humid. These conditions might cause parts to wear faster and increase the amount of condensation buildup within the drain. A spring service call can make certain all parts are ready for heavy use in these high humidity conditions. Winter temperatures become low enough to make an inoperable furnace undesirable. You can have this portion of your system serviced in the fall or have the entire unit inspected during the milder portion of the year.

HVAC service professionals provide additional experience, save time, have necessary equipment, and can supply a comfortable environment. Bardi certified technicians provide a complete solution for all your HVAC maintenance needs. Call today to schedule a routine system examination or to find out what you can do to extend the life of your HVAC equipment.


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