HVAC Services: Facing the Dilemma of Unit Replacement

Every home and building owner eventually has to decide between repairing or replacing an HVAC system. While many services exist for prolonging the life of your unit as well as maintaining provided efficiency, there comes a point where the cost of continued operation or repairs becomes illogical. The current age of your system will be the largest determining factor in this decision. You may receive lower operational costs with a new unit if the current system has been in operation for over ten years. A unit can run up to twenty years; however, you will experience increased energy costs and a larger number of repairs as time progresses. Professional HVAC service providers recommend replacement if the system has reached ten years of usage. Spending a little more upfront allows you to receive increased savings that are not acquirable with mandatory repairs.

Atlanta Heating and Air: Is Replacing Part of the System Beneficial?

Unfortunately, the cost of a new HVAC unit combined with installation could put you in quite a predicament if the financial aspect is strained. Atlanta heating and air professionals are capable of evaluating your system to provide alternative options when handling the entire cost upfront is not feasible. You might consider a financing plan to avoid the high repair costs required for less efficient operation. The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is gained with natural gas furnaces as components like the heat exchanger age. The energy savings received often make up for the new unit and are provided long after you have broken even on your purchase.

Owners often ask Atlanta heating and air professionals if portions can be replaced at different times in an effort to decrease the upfront costs. Compatibility is a consideration because units often share multiple components for warming and cooling. Post installation results offer increased dependability when the entire system can be replaced at once.  Load calculations and other factors are more reliable with a completely compatible unit. Tax rebates typically require all equipment to be replaced, meaning you will not receive these incentives if only a portion of the system is upgraded. Partial replacement is less reliable, causes you to miss out on rebates, and might not provide the consistent comfort offered by newer equipment.

As stated above, a new installation is not always the most feasible choice due to either financial or system condition factors. You may want to consider repairs if the structure is toward the end of its life or in instances where significant structural alterations are necessary to utilize a higher rated unit. Lack of monetary resources is another common reason for having this type of maintenance completed. Repairs are also feasible when you are waiting for upcoming features or incentives. Increased comfort, improved reliability, and decreased costs are benefits provided when replacement is the recommended HVAC service. Bardi technicians can help you make this important decision by evaluating current system efficiency, age, and other factors. Schedule a visit today to learn about our offered financing, installation, or repair services.

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