HVAC Service: When Do You Need a Professional Evaluation?

Your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is designed to provide comfort in times of extreme heat or cold. Without consistent service, it may begin to run less efficiently or experience part malfunctions. Units are complex equipment consisting of many mechanical parts working together with additional elements such as a fuel source and electricity. An HVAC service is the best choice when you are unfamiliar with the maintenance and repair tasks needed to keep your system operating at its best. Attempting to work on a unit without the proper knowledge is not only dangerous, but may compound the original problem. A qualified technician should inspect your HVAC unit each year and apply routine servicing. This one little visit prevents heating problems from arising and keeps maintenance expenses low as the unit ages.

Atlanta Heating: Tips for Remedying the Most Widely Seen System Problems

Atlanta heating experts see some problems consistently as they are servicing units in the area. A thermostat malfunction is one of the easiest to fix and can be identified by evaluating furnace operations. Heating cycle inconsistencies or inability to turn on your system are both signs of a possible thermostat problem. When it is not working correctly, the heating or air may turn on more than necessary or not kick on when it should. These problems could also be brought on by clogged filters as well as a malfunctioning blower. Be sure to verify your thermostat is correct and then change disposable filters if extensive buildup is present. If these actions do not cause the system to work better, a professional will be needed to further assess the problem.

Tripped breakers and blown fuses are another issue seen often when the call is made to service an HVAC system. Check these items along with proper thermostat operation and settings. A power switch is typically found in near proximity to the actual unit. Verify it is turned on before checking the breaker box for an overloading issue. Gas furnaces have the additional possibility of an unlit pilot light. Any one of these issues will prevent the system from turning on, leaving you with the impression something more serious has occurred. Any problems not already defined require expert knowledge that can only be provided by an Atlanta heating specialist.

Multiple circumstances may cause your unit to provide insufficient heat or air during operation. Correcting the thermostat settings, changing disposable filters, or opening closed registers might resolve the problem; however, it could be due to something more serious, such as faulty blower operations. Inconsistent room temperatures may require internal adjustments or part replacements. Thermostat issues can also cause the blower to run all the time. Make sure the fan setting is in the “auto” position, and if the problem persists, then call a technician. Annual maintenance is your best preventative approach to these and other common issues experienced by technicians. Bardi has been providing HVAC services for over twenty years to Atlanta residents and businesses. Call us today to have one of our highly experienced technicians evaluate your system for improved performance and efficiency.


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