HVAC Service Contracts: Considerations Before You Sign a Contract

Signing a contract for HVAC maintenance should take a weight off your shoulders; however, if you choose the wrong service options, it could do just the opposite. Contracts are a critical revenue source for HVAC companies, and the push to acquire them can be intense. Sometimes, this situation results in customers signing contracts without taking the time to review them. Although a service agreement is important for keeping your HVAC system in good condition, you need to be clear about the contract’s terms before you sign. With this in mind, consider the following determinants when you evaluate HVAC service contracts:

Length of Contract versus Business History

If your HVAC needs and budget are set in stone, you may be looking for a long-term contract—a good idea, but be careful about signing a lengthy contract with a service that has a short business history. Although the customer is usually the party that breaks a service contract, contracts are also broken when services go out of business. Services that close their doors have usually been in business for less than three years.

Equal Heating and Cooling Coverage

If your home or building requires air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter, be sure to sign a contract that covers both sides of your HVAC system. Some customers mistakenly opt for only one type of maintenance by signing up for air conditioning maintenance in the summer, or furnace maintenance in the winter—unaware the contract will not extend to other HVAC equipment when the season changes.

Around the Clock Service

If your system needs to be repaired after business hours, you will be thankful that around the clock service is a part of your contract. All-inclusive servicing can help companies avoid losing business due to HVAC problems. It can also prevent homeowners from waiting in frigid or sweltering temperatures until an HVAC service arrives in the morning. Around the clock help may sound like a value-added service, but if you ever need it, you will quickly realize that it is a necessity.

Fee Structure

In addition to price shopping for the best rates, you should also be aware of any rate changes that could occur during the contract period. Asking a service about changing fee structures is one way to find out about rate changes, though the best way to find out is to read a contract’s fine print. Some HVAC service contracts offer free services for a limited time, or charge lower rates at the front end of the agreement. Knowing this information upfront will help you plan your finances for the duration of the contract—if you decide to sign it, that is.

Do You Need an HVAC Service Contract?

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