HVAC Service Atlanta: Troubleshooting Typical Air Flow Issues

Blower issues are the most common problem seen when a technician is called out for HVAC maintenance or repairs. A few tests can be performed before calling a service company about failed operation or air flow problems. Your unit should be inspected every year before Atlanta temperatures become colder and system operation is necessary. The blower is located in the air handling unit, or AHU, along with filters, heating elements, dampers, and other components. An air handler attaches to the ductwork with the purpose of distributing air to the ventilation setup. The blower is a type of fan used to move air through the ductwork into individual rooms. These fans supply a large volume of air under a minimal pressure load. An electric motor facilitates blower operation at single or varying flow rates. Providers of HVAC services in Atlanta can inspect these components during a servicing call.

Atlanta Heating: What Can You Check Before Calling a Technician?

A blower problem is easily detectable because it often prevents air from being pushed out of the vents into your home. If you are familiar with a central heating system, you may be able to perform a few checks before calling an Atlanta heating professional. Your furnace will fail to operate any time power is not present, making it essential to verify this before checking any other possible cause. A blown fuse, tripped circuit, or flipped service switch prevents power from reaching the unit, thus preventing operation. Check these items before scheduling an inspection with a certified professional to save both time and money.

Improper settings on your thermostat may make it seem like your unit is malfunctioning. A consistently running system may be due to the thermostat fan option being set to “on” rather than the recommended “auto” setting. Changing this setting or resetting the blower might cause the system to operate correctly once again. Check the motor belts to ensure they have not broken or slipped off. A broken belt must be replaced, whereas an adjustment may fix the problem of a slipped belt. Switches become faulty, thus leading to burned out wiring and other complications that directly affect your unit’s ability to operate. You may need an Atlanta heating technician to check these aspects of the system if you have minimal HVAC experience.

Lack of air in vents is not always a sign of blower issues; however, it is seen quite often by Bardi professional technicians. Ductwork can be the culprit in some situations and should be checked accordingly. Ducts or vents become less efficient when dirt accumulates inside or leaks become present. You should have them inspected to ensure a leak is not the reason for heating inefficiency. If a more significant problem is present, our technicians evaluate the issue with the goal of providing a straightforward repair estimate. We understand how important your comfort and time are, and we focus on getting your system operating within a short time and at a reasonable cost. Call or visit our website today to learn about our supplied heating services to the Atlanta area residential buildings.


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