HVAC Repair: When is Professional Assistance Necessary?

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC system requires routine care to remain in top condition. Expensive repairs can often be avoided when a few simple tasks are performed regularly on each main component of your unit. Numerous scenarios are manageable without the assistance of a professional; however, you should obtain expert servicing at least once a year to prevent the need for HVAC repair.

Georgia temperatures may be fairly mild in nature; however, they vary enough to require both air and heating regularly throughout the year. Higher humidity in the summer increases the workload put on your system. Winter temperatures still require your heating components to be performing at its best. A few minor routine practices will greatly reduce the risk of extensive repairs and increase length of operation. Maintained units have optimal energy use, meaning you will receive lower monthly bills during prime operational times. Improper care can cause even the highest rated HVAC system to perform inefficiently.


Atlanta Heating and Air: What Can You Check Prior to Calling an Expert?

You can do many things to maintain a system before hiring an Atlanta heating and air professional. Only a few minutes are required to complete each task, making them worthwhile in prolonging the life of your current unit. Neglected filter changes can cause a wide variety of operational issues. If they are not regularly changed or cleaned, the unit will experience dust or dirt accumulation. This affects the quality of air circulating through your home and the workload required to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Particle accumulation in the ventilation portion of your system reduces air quality, causes parts to wear down faster, and decreases unit proficiency. Permanent filters should be cleaned according to manufacturer recommendations, while disposable versions need to be replaced every month during extensive operation. This simple practice will reduce the chances of having to hire an Atlanta heating and air professional for large repairs.

Drains remove accumulated condensation during cooling operations, but could be blocked due to an accumulation of dirt clogging the drain. Turn the system power off before using a wire, or another household device, to remove this buildup from the drain. It is a good practice to complete drain cleaning prior to initial operation, and once again at the end of a warm season. Gas furnaces also have a pilot light that is used to heat the air being circulated through your home. A blown out pilot light is a typical reason for experiencing cool air when the heater is running. Verify manufacturer instructions before relighting this furnace component to ensure safety. Measure air temperatures to verify the thermostat is indeed registering the correct air temp and make certain settings are correct.

If additional problems occur, those issues should be handled by a professional HVAC repair company. Bardi technicians are experienced in various HVAC models and can easily check for current or upcoming problems. Our experts should service your system two times a year to ensure dependable operation. Call today to learn about our many services or to set up a visit from one of our Atlanta area professionals.


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