HVAC Repair: Servicing Eliminates Most Common Repair Problems

When your HVAC system fails to operate during intense temperatures, it can be a catastrophic event. A unit in need of repair is alarming and can be problematic to any homeowner. Once the HVAC repair recommendations are brought to your attention, you have to take immediate steps to solve the issue, hoping only a small repair or simple maintenance is required. Repair frequency normally depends on the amount of maintenance provided to your system each year. Cooling components have specific manufacturer suggestions for preventative care meant to continue operational efficiency and extend the life of your system.

Many factors can prevent you from obtaining necessary servicing. You may not have the funds on hand to pay for yearly servicing, or maybe a busy schedule causes you to forget to schedule an appointment. Even with the appropriate maintenance procedures, age and other factors can still cause various components to break or malfunction.

York Air Conditioning: What Repairs Do Atlanta Technicians Typically See?

Your York air conditioning unit will slowly experience reduced performance after being in operation for many years. Natural system aging will result in the need for replacement after ten to fifteen years of use. Neglected system maintenance reduces this timeframe and the length of operation for multiple individual components. Over time, dirt can accumulate on coils or other parts, forcing them to put out more effort to meet comfort needs. Without yearly cleaning, this accumulation eventually causes the part to become non-functional. Some parts can be replaced without much additional expense, while other fixes can cost so much that it is more feasible to replace the entire system.

Owners of York air conditioning units and other brands experience many of the same common problems when cooling a home in Atlanta. A leaking drain line outside the home is a frequently seen occurrence. Severe leaks can cause water to enter walls, floors, and ceilings, depending on the installation location. A clogged drain is the most common cause for this problem.

A low refrigerant level signals an installation undercharge or a leak, and the issue cannot be fixed by simply adding refrigerant. A technician must test for the leak, repair the location, add the appropriate level, and then recharge the system. Performance will be most reliable when the charge matches manufacturer recommendations. Maintenance inadequacies, such as unchanged filters or neglected cleaning, lead to dirt buildup causing essential components to fail early. Bad wiring, failed condenser fans, a malfunctioning condenser unit, and coil freezing are also common service calls known to the area.

Preventative maintenance reduces the risk of these occurrences. Bardi technicians can perform system evaluation and maintenance each spring to ensure your home unit is ready for operation. This is an affordable process that will help you avoid extensive repair costs. While every HVAC repair cannot be prevented, our professionals have the training needed to keep your air conditioning unit operating efficiently for an extended period of time. We can detect problems early so the repair costs are minimal and make recommendations for increasing the performance of your unit. Call us today to schedule preventative servicing on this Atlanta area necessity.


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